MUWT 2: The Quickening


as had been pointed out by others, the thing rhat most stands out to me is how Johansson went on to become the other woman in that movie lol.

i have a soft spot for Lost in Translation, but understand why folks don’t like it.

i barely remember Revolutions, but i remember one of my main takeaways being that the movie suffered from hardly taking place in The Matrix ie where the cool shit happens.


Turning on subtitles for the Architect scene was the major revelation for me last time I watched these. So much easier to follow when you see what words are capitalized.


So, ama prime put Utøya, 22 July (or U 22 or what it may Internationally be called) up this week in my country, and i finally had the time to watch this by myself.
if you never heard of the movie before, there’s been a lot of debate whether it is any good making a movie about the whole drama that took place, and if the sheer existance of this movie doesn’t underline the point of the Terrorist, i.e. to gain widespread coverage for his motives.
As such, i wasn’t sure where i would end up on the ‘should/should not be made’ spectrum, and what i found out is that it doesn’t matter where you personally end up:
It’s out, and therefore it cannot be undone.

Regarding the movie, I am still processing what i saw, and right now, i would liken it to a nightmare that doesn’t seem to end.
It really is impossible to fathom what it must have been for the people that experienced it, and it is a wildly disturbing 90ish minutes you have to suffer through - there’s no way you can use words like “experiencing it”, or “recommending to watch it”, because those words would paint what you are seeing in a positive way, and that very thought is revolting to even consider for a second.

So, after all, all i can say is that it is a nightmare, and as in a nightmare, there’s nothing enjoyable about it. Don’t go watching this without being prepared to be unsettled, is what i want to convey.


this sounds like an extremely cruel jab (i know it’s not) and i love it


Course I can rely on SB for more positive holler @ the Matrix sequels, they were excessive in plenty of amazing, some goofy ways and caught a lot of stigma just from following progression in that world/story! Same goes for next level trying to up the Cool, I think it became cooler to hate on 4-5 years after the groundbreaking first and its impact? Fatty good cuts with a lot of work put in.

I literally played out my Reloaded score disc, was hyped as hell for Juno Reactor to be working with Don Davis and knew Burly Brawl/Mona Lisa Overdrive well before seeing the scenes they’re used in.

Enter the Matrix is some nostalgic jank, Path of Neo is glorious fanservice.


Yeah the thing I love most about the Sequels is the idea that the situation is so much more nuanced than the first movie presented it. I don’t think it sticks the landing perfectly but I really love how it tries to subvert itself.

The problem is the first movie is basically perfect. You can’t really make a sequel that will hold up to anything as well made as the first movie.

Plus from a certain point of view the first movie is a transgender empowerment fantasy so it has a lot going for it on that count. Even if the Sisters didn’t necessarily know that’s what they were doing. Or maybe they did? I dunno.


Both the Matrix games are pretty cool in their own ways. Enter tried to be a game that actually mattered to the story, but didn’t work as that too well but was still fun in its janky weirdness.

Path of Neo is amazingly weird, and has that amazing ending with the Wachowskis as stick figures that also double as the first public acknowledgement by Lana of her trans-ness.


I keep reading (but I don’t know the original source) that Neo’s Matrixself was supposed to be a woman, and one of the crew is named Switch SO


It was Switch who was originally scripted to be played by a (cis) man in the “real” world and a (cis) woman in the Matrix.

Hence the name.


Sucks that “red pill” is code for “become a misogynistic asshole” instead of taking control of your identity.



i cough discreetly, and a nauseating torrent of electric green 0s and 1s and random japanese script pours out of my mouth


the matrix should come back as a original series and really continue where online left off



I hated every moment of this entire action setpiece when I saw Reloaded.

I should maybe rewatch all the Matrixes, though. My opinion on action and excess has softened considerably since I was 19.


it’s funny how that freeway scene with Morpheus feels exactly like a Superhot level in retrospect, complete with ultra slow-motion movement and Uzi


Oh hey I made a pretty good post in here



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Superbrothers: Bat & Family EP could have been lit