MUWT 2: The Quickening


Both the Matrix games are pretty cool in their own ways. Enter tried to be a game that actually mattered to the story, but didn’t work as that too well but was still fun in its janky weirdness.

Path of Neo is amazingly weird, and has that amazing ending with the Wachowskis as stick figures that also double as the first public acknowledgement by Lana of her trans-ness.

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I keep reading (but I don’t know the original source) that Neo’s Matrixself was supposed to be a woman, and one of the crew is named Switch SO

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It was Switch who was originally scripted to be played by a (cis) man in the “real” world and a (cis) woman in the Matrix.

Hence the name.

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Sucks that “red pill” is code for “become a misogynistic asshole” instead of taking control of your identity.

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i cough discreetly, and a nauseating torrent of electric green 0s and 1s and random japanese script pours out of my mouth


the matrix should come back as a original series and really continue where online left off



I hated every moment of this entire action setpiece when I saw Reloaded.

I should maybe rewatch all the Matrixes, though. My opinion on action and excess has softened considerably since I was 19.


it’s funny how that freeway scene with Morpheus feels exactly like a Superhot level in retrospect, complete with ultra slow-motion movement and Uzi


Oh hey I made a pretty good post in here

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street mugger joe chill finds out he might come to kansas for the rest of her jewelry


Superbrothers: Bat & Family EP could have been lit


Us is a preeeettttyyy big step down from Get Out but still worth seeing IMO. It’s weird as hell (good) but doesn’t make any sense if you think about it for more than five seconds. I still like that Jordan Peele is making horror movies for people who don’t really like any other modern horror movies

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The Beach Bum was better than expected! It’s, like, not incredibly funny (except for everything to do with the dolphin tour guide, which was some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in a theater in a while). But it was altogether a really pleasant and enjoyable watch. Startlingly pleasant, coming from Harmony Korine! I was worried that Korine was pulling a David Gordon Green (dude went from great dour art films to Pineapple Express), but this doesn’t feel like that kind of selling out at all. Movie is still hell of weird.

It was a pretty decent satire of Florida’s shitty culture, and its particularly ugly kind of wealth. Take it from me, I grew up there!

Edit: Also, Snoop Dogg was good.


are you a Spring Breakers fan (hi), and would you say go on those grounds?

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Yeah, I loved Spring Breakers! This feels like a much more slight movie with less to say, but if you liked Spring Breakers then you’d probably like this.

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i watched the live action Ghost in the Shell movie with dongle this weekend to satisfy our morbid curiosity and it was just so bad. i was tempted to write a long post explaining exactly why it’s bad, but it’s not worth it. just a garbage film that misses every point of GitS. in that way, it’s almost remarkable.

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All plastic shell no ghost to tell