music like Outrun - Splash Wave


this thread will probably have like, zero replies

i just want to know if anyone knows music like:

and also like

let me know what you got


i’ll look up the composers tomorrow and check out their other stuff, that’s the obvious path to glory here

but still, show me what you got


Criteria I’m going with: breezy, drawly instruments but a strong, moving beat.

Night Drive, Stunt Race FX. Might be a bit too tense.

I have plenty of music (probably mostly City Pop) I think of as ‘Out-run’-ish, but I don’t think any of it is really Splash Wave-ish.


Noriko Miyamoto’s (宮本典子) Just Samba fits?, but aint on Youtube.

I probably got it here:


Airport Lady, by Toshiki Kadomatsu.

Struggling to find something guitary.

Or even just a bit more punchy.


SRFX has a ridiculously good OST, yeah!!! had forgotten!


I’m not at home so I can’t listen back to confirm but I’m pretty sure this naoya matsuoka album has some splash wave in it.

this album had to have been a heavy influence on the game, between the hiroshi nagai cover and the sounds contained within outrun has basically lifted its entire aesthetic.


I like this cover version of Splash Wave:

And this may be far from what you are looking for, but I’ve always kind of mentally placed this song in the same general category as Splash Wave (especially segments such as the one starting at 3:20):

My brother once rented a red convertible car and I played the C64 version of Splash Wave (without question my favorite rendition) in that car as we drove along the California coast (using Bluetooth from a mobile device).


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For some reason, listening to “We Were Rock & Roll” from Janelle Monae’s Electric Lady always makes me think of Outrun. I don’t know if that fits here, but.


Splash Wave is ringing so many bells in my head and I can’t quite follow any of them. Pilotwings had a soundtrack kind of like this, the Smash 4 remix of the light plane theme is pretty great

Wave Race 64 sounds similar but the songs are all very short and not that great…


Here’s a song from The OneUps


a lot of T-SQUARE does the trick for me


Maybe not the exact aesthetic you’re going for, but a lot of Mario Kart 8 songs give me a similar feeling (although with way more brass).


wow, love love love that naoya matsuoka album up there. not sure you’ll find anything closer to outrun than that, but the 2006 version makes me think of stuff like this:



I’m pretty sure this is actually a lost Extreme-G track


Not the same kinda hard driving thing as Splash Wave. But general outrun-y vibe plus that guitar lead.

Also, thanks @all_monsters for that hot The September Wind tip. Now $30 poorer as a result.


nice! I’ve seen that vinyl floating around ebay, very tempted


There are several other Naoya Matsuoka albums with the same kind of feel. The one I stumbled across years ago is A Farewell To The Seashore:

The cover on this upload is cropped pretty badly, huh


I uhh just stole his entire discography :·/
spoilers: it’s good