music like Outrun - Splash Wave


selectbutton: the very best


yeah, that one’s great too. I hadn’t seen the uncropped version of that cover before, so nice


ding ding


Some sweet ass geetar licks.


Oh gosh here’s a thought: get Sega to do the next Wave Race.


What I actually came to post: audio files in OutRun 2006 PC version are just oggs so you can switch in whatever : 0


yeah, sega should have moved directly on to wave race after f-zero gx. the wave race 64 soundtrack is a great alternate videoball soundtrack by the way.


oh fuck wave race


I think this Squarepusher EP is his dopest work ever, and has a lot in common with that Virtua Racing Deluxe track in the OP:


Maybe this?


nailed it:

not quite as nailed but it evokes the same kinda thing for me. out run at night maybe


hey i’m going to need you to turn over all of your city pop on the double


oh i just realized we aren’t friends anymore, dang


magical sound shower at 2:59


I guess this doesn’t qualify as like Splash Wave, but regardless:

Also, I can’t help looking up this guy again every so often:

And what’s probably my favorite original version:


The guy playing the blue Sadowsky guitar at the Motohiro Kawashima performance in Kichijoji.



I liked that very much thanks.


yeah, i’ve been looking into the KPM stock music library and there’s some real gems

some are not even on youtube