i’m pretty lukewarm on Patton Oswalt as a general comedian but him being cast as son of TVs Frank feels pretty spot on to me. it’d either be him or Andy Ricter.

i like the new bot voices. Crow sounds nearly identical but Tom feels like his own thing with the only constant being he’s a crooner. my gf not only hates Felicia Day but also hates the new Gypsy voice, which i don’t really mind personally. it threw me off a bit when they kept doing her random one off jokes in the theater.

my other suggestion for better Mads would probably be kumail nanjiani and emily gordon (i haven’t finished the season yet so they could still show up) or Cameron Esposito or just have both of the 2 Dope Queens do it


I’m in an empty theater waiting for one of those rifftrax broadcast things to start (they get a pass for Samurai Cop), and they’re blaring Weird Al. I want to die.


Weird Al actually rules though


I have for many moons now considered doing a megapost doing a taxonomy of Weird Al’s entire ouvre, since he has basically like six songs that he keeps doing over and over


they made a safe space joke >: /


pretty sure Weird Al is the most consistently successful American musician in like 3 or 4 decades?

> don’t @ me


I like Weird Al.

I’ve watched a lot of these now and my conclusion IS:

The riffs are too frequent BUT they are also often very good
The movie selection is good
The host segments are REALLY bad and feel underwritten. I don’t know who Day is, but I thought she was terrible but it may actually be the script since everyone is pretty bad (though she is the worst). Like, one bit Jonah asks Max what he’s doing and he is trying to hide something and says “Oh, nothing.” A joke could have been there! This happened way too much. Just lots of dead space.
Jonah and Bob sound too similar in the cinema.

Overall I like it, but deffo room for improvement.


Yesterday someone had to explain to me why Doogie Howser and new Forrester had such a long song together.


maybe Joel is trying to get cast in Dr. Horrible 2


After going in with really low expectations I have to admit that this is quite good! I’m going to take my time and savor these.


I’ve watched 3 so far and the improvement after the first episode is notable. The jokes are a little less crammed together and seem more organic. Gypsy’s voice is…too normal, I guess. And Felicia Day is boring but not bad. I wish the skits were better (although the rap in the first episode is incredible)


the inclusion of “atlantic rim” in the new season seems momentous as both a movie from the 2010s and as the first Asylum flick they’ve done. Mac and Me is also a great get

Even if they do Asylum movies now I hope they never do a Sharknado film. Too self aware of it’s own badness to be good riff material


I don’t know about everybody else but ultimately I found the reboot unwatchable. it has no chill.


I still haven’t watched the new stuff and I’m in the damn credits.

Hyped for more Ator though. I’d be a bit bummed if they went too hard with new/high profile stuff like Mac n Me and Not Pacific Rim, so I feel like they threw old sticks in the mud like me a bone with that one.


I also found the new stuff almost unwatchable but it had something good in there; the park ranger episode especially was a very good MST episode taped over three times. I’m fairly optimistic they’ll fix it for this run.


i liked the new episodes fine (and the new theme song kicks ass) but it’s not nearly as rewatchable as the old episodes


Yeah, the accellerated quip rate is pretty insufferable – and has been cited in everything I’ve read about the last season. So, one hopes they took that into account this time around? I can see how it might take some tweaking, getting back into this again.

Everything else about the revival seems okay. They just need to, you know, calm the fuck down.

One wonders about the half-length season. Last one was wholly Kickstarted. They already have the sets and eqipment and production elements. It’s got to be way cheaper and faster to put together a new season, and the last one wasn’t exactly expensive in TV terms. Did a bunch of money go to the newer movies, or is Netflix just being really, really light on the budget?

Kind of fun that they frame the new season in the context of binge-watch culture, though. Considering.


I was taking a shit in earshot of the VIP q&a with Joel after the recent live tour stop and overheard that long show running times and a long season weren’t conducive to people’s accustomed Netflix viewing habits, and viewership fell off hard for the later episodes. So yeah, the bingable thing is very deliberate.


Okay. Yeah, if they can do six-episode seasons every six months or whatever, that would be pretty cool.


Really thought this was going in a different direction