Mystery Science Theater is back. Har Mar Superstar does the theme backed by guys dressed like the henchmen from Infra-Man. The non-commercial breaks are padded with instrumental versions of songs from the old series and fake station IDs from that guy who was in Blade 3. Tom Servo flys and Gypsy pops into the theater for Cinematic Titanic mid-frame silhouette gags. There’s a prominent Glenn Miller Orchestra-related joke in the first episode which gives me hope that it won’t all be internet humor for the kids, but also stuck out like a sore thumb. There’s a bunch of weird old series call-back jokes too, which remind me of the couple times I’ve witnessed bad MST fan-nerds awkwardly trying to do the running commentary thing on a movie. It feels like a quoting Monty Python ritualized sort of thing. Enter memes I guess. Nerds!

The first movie pick was a strong one. I legitimately like their general film fodder, and had like zero internet in the Rifftrax Hollywood approach.

how do I, um, watch this??

nm figured it out (April 14th on Netflix)

I have seen the full movie list, and it is good.

No Infra-Man though. Those henchmen costumes got my hopes up.

Episode 2 is off to a stronger start than the first.

I like it, it’s pretty faithful to the original show I think

i hope they slow down trying to cram jokes into every microsecond of screentime cause otherwise it’s pretty good


yeah it’s really ruining the delivery of their jokes, esp like, when they have to tell a joke a half second before the scene it’s making fun of comes onscreen bcuz they wanna cram in a bunch of other jokes too

i say it’s okay, i guess

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I was hoping that was just my connection, but yeah it’s pretty noticeable.

I haven’t really noticed it to be honest. I’ve watched two episodes and think the movie choices and riffs have been excellent so far but yeah, the host segments are pretty bad. I liked seeing the Pearl-era mads again in the second episode, though. Because nostalgia.

If they just decided to cut the bad jokes,

they wouldn’t have to speed-ramp the jokes and the movie could get a breath in and everything’d be alright. The good jokes are very good enough.

Would anyone miss the reference jokes? Does anyone like them? I only go for “describing the action of the movie again” and riffs into alternate plots and motivations, and sometimes just astounded gasping at craftsmanship. I don’t laugh when somebody mentions that a red light is like that one episode of Seinfeld.

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I think one thing for me is like…the entire construction of the majority of mst3k is literally them reading a series of prepared jokes so that’s fine but in the older seasons it felt like they were performing them “roast” style if that makes sense? Like they’d actually stop to genuinely laugh at the jokes. Felt more like they were naturally enjoying themselves than a “performance”. The jokes are still just as dumb and corny and good natured though so I’m mostly happy.

like 90% of the audience? i mean i understand what you’re saying but that’s a pretty primary part of the thing

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I love it when pretty much any comedy breaks to laugh at its own jokes, especially one with a low-key hangout mood. Right now these guys feel like they’re nervously running through a set to get something out. And they’re so close – the good runs are as good as ever, and the feel is close enough that they can probably zip it up if they do a second season.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that reference humor is popular given post-revival Family Guy’s inexplicable success, but…c’mon, some recontextualization or warped reflection on it is nice, not just acknowledging that another thing exists.

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i mean to me this isn’t like wildly different from them yelling about mannix or kiss my grits or gilligan or whatever from the old show. if anything mst3k helped popularize “i recognize that” reference jokes

The Mannix disarm, the NBC Mystery Movie intro flashlight, and the Waltons goodnights all had heart. It was a simpler time.

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only watched the first episode so far, but I’ll agree with it being too dense with jokes, to the point where it doesn’t feel like they’re organically reacting to the movie. not always, but sometimes, like when the jokes are perfectly timed to end right when the next line of dialogue starts. that just doesn’t happen if you’re really riffing on a movie.

but still, there were more than enough gut-busters to make me not care. they absolutely nailed the feel of it, and the pure joy of the production from everyone involved is so infectious, just like it should be. I was grinning ear to ear the whole time. I even got a little teary eyed during the credits and that musical number, but maybe that’s just because I’ve had tough year. nitpicks aside, so glad this is back.


the “laugh per joke” ratio is about the same as the Joel era IMO. Eliot Kalin was the perfect choice to head write this new operation, and also i enjoyed their dedication to practical, goofy effects.

id go many minutes wondering how well this actually works then they’d make an Art Instruction Schools commercial joke out of nowhere and i cough up whatever drink i’ve had laughing and realize this show hasn’t changed for me at all

i wish they’d replace Felicia Day with Jessica Williams but otherwise 10/10, Must Stream Tv

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Is there any nerd icon more mysteriously overrated than Felicia Day

(Yes, Wil Wheaton)


aren’t they the same person?


I will never understand how mainstream nerds did a 180 on Wesley Crusher. Especially since he’s even more whinny in real life.

All I know about Felicia Day is that she had a weird arc on Supernatural where she played a LARPer who used her foam sword skills to liberate Oz (completely off camera), only to be helplessly killed in a bathtub by Dr. Frankenstein’s Nazi descendent. TV is messed up.

I mean actually there’s nothing mysterious about Day’s overratedness she is a genuine basic con nerd who is also very pretty and that’s about all it takes.

Wheaton though, who the fuck knows on that one

I’d rather have felicia day over patton oswalt