I hope it was just a one way thing and they didnt hear me!


I saw the RiffTrax version of this and there was at least one line that made the GF and I ugly-laugh enough that we had to pause it


Have they ever done a Full Moon feature before? I feel like if they’re going to branch out into stuff the old show wouldn’t have done, and also far more genuinely good bad than the pandering of The Asylum.

They did a bunch of family films too, so if the violence and nudity is an issue they could chose one of those. Magic Island or Prehysteria would be a great fit, IMO


I misread that as ‘talking shit in earshot’ and I got huuge second hand anxiety lol


I’d only do that to Mike.


I don’t want to know how he’s progressed since vocally supporting GW Bush and the Iraq War. I’m kind of afraid.


i like the new season but i miss the season 11 commercial bumpers even if they were fake. i think the rhythm of the show feels better with them


When they ran one of the season 11 episodes on Pluto and YouTube for the marathon last Saturday, they used the fake commercial breaks to insert actual commercials. I wonder if those were designed pre streaming deal and weren’t intended to be fake.


that’s possible! but they were at least made with the knowledge they were going to be on netflix cause one of the bumpers is patton oswalt describing…the bumpers and how they are meant to evoke the feeling of a commercial break in a place with no commercials


really amazing how Erhardt of all people shows back up lol


i have a cold so spent the day in bed binging the new season. I think it’s much better than the last season, much better pacing with the jokes, the host segments actually made me laugh a few times, and the mads have settled with a “dorks who are bad at being evil” thing which I enjoy. still a few things that rub me the wrong way but for the most part had a good time with this season

i also thought it was funny that one character came back, though i was disappointed they didn’t say their catchphrase

also holy shit altantic rim is an awful movie, how can you fuck up a movie with giant robots and monsters os badly


the worst thing was the ending, the payoff for what they were leading up to was incredibly underwhelming