Movies You Watched Today: Youtube VHS Rip - Part 3 of XX

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Movies You Watched Today: Youtube VHS Rip - Part 3 of XX



Watched Robocop on a whim for the first time in ages (college? Before that?), and I don’t think I appreciated just how hard the comedy and satire goes in it before.


Watched Riddle of Fire tonight as part of MIFF. This was the most rad movie I’ve watched in ages. All the kid actors were great. Basically The Goonies meets Mandy.


I watched Teito Monogatari without subs all the way through. Reading the summary afterwards I feel okay I only got the most basics of the plot. It’s an alternate history-scifi-occult parade of Famous Japanese Restoration Historical People as played by Famous Actors. One face appears an hour into the movie and I jumped on my couch and pointed.

I was shocked that it was so visually dense for the entire 2:15:00 run time. What a joy to see a Sci-Fi movie at it’s peak, the 80s. With big sets and mood lighting, and gross out moments, and little monster puppets etc etc etc.

That it went so quickly from novel-stage-screen is impressive. Why do modern Japanese adaptions suck and this is so big and artsy and A Movie.

I feel really dumb because I do not know any of the historical figures or authors or occult shit it references and feel like I should learn about them in Japanese but that’s hard…

Great time at my theater (my couch, without looking at my phone once.) the poster had intrigued me for years.



this looks really neat

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i only know the anime, this is bound to be better


Teito monogatari was directed by Akio Jissoji, famous for his extremely avant garde Ultraman episodes


It is significantly better. The anime is pretty bad

I saw this afterwards and went “is that rhe guy who Tulpa showed the Ultraman of? Will I have to ask Tulpa or can I just wait?”

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His Buddhist, sexual assault based art films seem less good.

They’re great and deeply problematic


He also did a bunch of edogawa ranpo adaptations so if you want to watch some fucked up ero guro with amazing camera placement


I watched The Red Shoes and was really disappointed by it! Everyone seems to adore it, but except for a few moments, obviously including the wonderful ballet performance, I didn’t find much to connect with emotionally or to think about. I love Peeping Tom, so I expected something a bit edgier, and I guess I also expected more strangeness, something inexplicable besides the very last moment with the train.

Oh well. Feels funny to me that the strongest thing its left me with is an excitement to check out the Kate Bush record.

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Always impressed how you can keep Japanese authors straight in a way I absolutely cannot.

edogawa ranpo is easy for me to remember because he chose his pen name to make a bilingual pun: it sounds a bit like edgar allan poe


Just finished The Pope’s Exorcist, stupidest movie i’ve seen in a long time, I loved it. The ramp from “typical exorcism movie” to naked woman emerging from an iron maiden, strangling a priest, then exploding into a shower of blood was so steep the whole time. It just kept escalating and escalating. It kicked ass entirely.