Movies coming out that are not by disney

It is weird to me that we don’t have like an all purpose upcoming films thread

there are alwready star warps and super hero threads though so lets post trailers for and think about movies that are unrelated to, “The House of Mouse”


this looks good. i haven’t been able to get into any of tim heidecker’s deep character stuff where it’s like 100 hours of him weaving tales, but if its condensed into 2 hours or so i’m down

for the sake of comparison i’m also posting the trialer of the between two ferns movie even though netflix is the disney of netflixes

two reasons though, one is the chicken strips joke is very much my shit and i love it

two is i’m always amazed that comedians are able to come up with so many different versions of ‘horrible asshole’ and have it still be funny, and like, very much reminiscent of people we have all encountered in our life and times

see also danny mcbride’s whole career



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? The other thread is for movies you have seen, not movies that haven’t been released yet

and disney movies

unfortunately, that ratio feels a bit like

disney:rest of the world

in terms of the future. There’s been a logo-mashup of all companies that disney bought, mixed together or somwthing like that, posted here?
Could not find that though, so maybe that was elsewhere…

Ah, NOW i see… OK!
Disney BOUGHT MY BRAIN so that i wouldn’t even see a difference… i shall stand corrected!

are you sure this is a standalone thing? it looks like it might be a continuation of his On Cinema character

Apparently, it is. I still haven’t gotten into On Cinema but the fact that it has an expanded universe is fucking hilarious to me

This is always a big stumbling block for me. Being subjected to a Nathan for You marathon of all things is what made me realize this genre wasn’t my thing. But then again I’m ok with LPC. Neither of these things are movies, but neither are Disney.


I cannot tell you how excited I was yesterday to find out that Noah Baumbach’s new Marriage Story exists, is coming out this fall, and that my favorite critic gave it four stars.

Nobody does contemporary white people misery like Baumbach. Can’t wait.

Greta Gerwig is directing a new Little Women for Sony and I am also very here for this

Way to go, you power couple you

Kelly Reichardt has a new movie coming out called First Cow from A24, and it’s described as this:

This? It is my shit.

Koreeda Hirokazu is directing Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche in a French-language film called The Truth and I am as always fearful about a favorite Asian director coming West, but at least France isn’t Hollywood

That’s what I know about right now. Joker isn’t Disney and I don’t care to see it, but god I wish it would come out already so I could never have to hear about it again.


oh man i had no idea there was a new kelly reichardt project! very excited abt this, “certain women” is one of my favourites of this decade


Yeah! Certain Women is great (and it also turned me on to Maile Meloy). I went back and have been catching up on her films ever since I saw it, and I think about Old Joy, Wendy & Lucy, and Meek’s Cutoff, like, a lot.

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well hopefully it will kind of work on its own too

I’m sure it will. but you might have the desire afterward to watch all 5 hours of The Trial

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Why are you linking to that account

Or that tweet for that matter

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cool neo-nazi twitter content you have there dude!!

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go read his other tweets lol

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oh. well I am sorry!

I just wanted to link to the film, which is def not by disney, and the story of the wild reaction

I’m looking forward to these. I hope some of them are good. I’m actually not sure whether Disney owns any of them.


loved parasite