this is the monster hunter world thread

the PS4 beta has been extended and will be happening again from the 22nd to the 26th!

i hope to experience this premium game content with many of you soon! let’s have ourselves a merry christmas!

you do not need PS+ for this beta! download it here.

is it the same demo as before?

edit: not that that’s bad, it’s just… my burning desire to monhun is not as satiated when i already did the stuff that’s easy (lol no way i’ll wreck rathalos. i had to get some pros to help me w/ diablosos or whatevs).

Well have fun with that second beta y’all

Yeah, same demo. You don’t even have to download it again if you have the old one.

I’d love more stuff in the demo but I’m looking forward to messing around more with the weapons and running around the maps looking for weird stuff tbh

Why do I have to sharpen a hammer. That’s the opposite of what I want.


you might think that but it actually kind of rules

man i’m jealous i was gonna make the monster hunter thread

anyway hey everyone i can’t play it this time but i guess the second beta is on and there are two new monsters in it

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i’ll be happy to retitle it with whatever you want! we could probably even delete the thread and start over, it hasn’t really gone anywhere yet

two weeks bbs

gonna be spending no money over the next two weeks so I can afford this game and PS Plus because I want to hit some big things with a hammer with ya’ll.


pumped for this but all I can say is I hope the cleanup period after a hunt isn’t as short as it was in the beta (fucking twenty seconds?)

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isn’t it usually that much in the portable games too though

i think, much like the time limit, it was shortened for the demo, which was a build for game shows so they had to funnel people through it as quickly as possible.

the clean-up time is quick, but you’re usually given more time than that.

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nope nope, clean up periods (to clarify, I mean the “finish up carving” periods) are usually a good 30 to 40 seconds at least in all games. I’ve put in some 600+ hours across 3-4 different games, and though I’m a forgetful person, I can at least say there’s been plenty time in every game.

Except the original game. Because fuck the player in the original game.

i feel like i read specifically that you can basically cancel out of a cleanup period and just continue to hang on the map after you kill something? i don’t know though i can’t quite pin down where i got that from and maybe that’s only in i don’t know free roam or something

it is comically short in the beta though, no way it will be that quick

The third beta is playable now until the 22nd! I was able to beat nergigante on the first try with some randos online. We had ~2 minutes and 1 cart left when he went down, it felt really great. And, I think it solidified sword & shield as my favorite weapon. It’s nice to have the different damage types if you fuck up your positioning.

I’m a little apprehensive about how much high level play seems to depend on playing what initially appears to be a fairly loose and messy game as tightly as possible purely because of the time limits but I’m assuming it’s forgiving enough to not totally work against itself, even if you insist on playing the ridiculous pole vaulting bug lord.

I am in for opening night anyway though

The usual time limit is 50 minutes and is rarely a concern outside of somewalls like the really big elder dragon hunts. I’m familiar with monhun so I’m not sure ifeel the messiness. It does feel a bit looser due to new movement states and animations compared to earlier games but still feels like the responsive gameplay i love. I haven’t messsed with settings much but it does need a way to turn off cinematic camera focus and a lock on style like i had on 3ds to snap focus when i tap L1.

im going to buy this goddamn game right when it comes out and spend $59.99 on it and i hate doing that

but i would hate not playing MONSTER HUNTER WORLD more than paying too much for it

So excited to smash up dinosaurs and steal their bones to make bigger swords to smash bigger dinosaurs for their bigger bones to make even bigger swords etc.

Yeah, I already ordered this thing, so hyped.

yeah i don’t think many tru doom monhun heads would think of monster hunter as loose and messy! also yeah in real monster hunts the true fail state is three deaths, not the time limit

i’m basically out of my mind about this. i think i’m going to totally avoid the last beta, though i do need to google around and see what the reward for clearing the nergigante hunt is gonna be