Model Citizens


There has been more than a little Gundam model kit discussion in the Axe, and I wanted a more formal thread where people could post what they’re working on, what they want to be working on, what cool new kits are coming out, and what awesome finished models they found online.

And of course, swapping tips on how to do it!

Come on down and post some robits!


To kick things off, my most recent projects have been working on a few desperate Warhammer 40k kits selected based largely on what stuff I thought looked the coolest.

These guys have been a work in progress for a while, and they’re still not done. I’m really pleased with how they’re coming out, especially since this has been my first work after something of a hiatus.

…and I also put together this adorable child soldier piloted weapon of mass destruction today. Isn’t it cute?


I’d love to have a go at one of these but can’t be arsed to buy all the paint and airbrushes and stuff
I think it’d take me ages to do a single model but it would be world class because I fancy myself a lot


Someone on here is into MaK or am I going to have to be the one


I haven’t got a MaK kit yet, but I am very into it in theory.

Definitely hoping to get a Grosser Hund at some point for sure. And all the MaK kits look great.


i’m sitting on four right now but a single piece snapped off of the runner and vanished into the ether and now i want to die but also i wanna come in here and post that if anyone hasnt the HG gundam build fighters GM II is a fucking nasty good kit for 15 bucks and low build effort


I haven’t done much of anything in a while but here’s some 'nids from 2015


is it a worthwhile business painting miniatures for other people? all warhammers in this thread are insanely good


Most of my stuff is from when my phone camera sucked so I either have bad pictures or no pictures :woman_shrugging:t2:

Terrible picture but my favorite paint job I’ve ever done:

Celebrating finishing the worst models to work with I ever touched:

Imps from my abortive attempt to paint the latest doom board game:

(Was a 30 minute/model speed paint)
One piece from my abortive attempt to paint Space Hulk:

I think I finished all the terminators so idk why I have the picture of just the one


I’m not a very good painter but I own an airbrush and I know a lot of tricks to make things look nice when you’re lazy :woman_shrugging:t2:


There are a decent amount of people who do it full-time, but it’s a hard business from my understanding. A well-painted army will cost $3000+ dollars and there’s not a lot of people out there looking for that so mostly you’re rushing to pump out minimally painted models to make your $10/model price tag net you over minimum wage.


Ah that’s shitty, one of those things that is only worthwhile as a hobby I guess. It’s sort of funny because at the same time there are things that would be fun to do as a hobby but are way too expensive compared to buying one. like, building a guitar or something. You should definitely just buy one! Anyway bummer, your work rips


The real money in painting is, of course, twitch livestreams, but I don’t know who’s actually making a living off that because I don’t follow the scene


The real money is, of course, twitch livestreams, but I don’t know who’s actually making a living off that because I don’t follow the scene


i havent started painting anything yet but heres all the kits ive done since september

i never had space to do this in my apt so its one of the things i can take advantage of now


I’m going to be upgrading my airbrush and buying some airbrush medium today with a gift card, so I’m getting hype.

Sometime in January I want to experiment with Tamiya and Mr Color paint too. Or maybe some more predictable Vallejo Mecha acrylics.

I’m very hype for my model building projects in 2019, y’all.


What airbrush?


It was unfortunately not in stock when I tried to pick it up, but after a bit of research I’m leaning towards the Badger Patriot 105.


Just kidding, I decided to go up a step and get the Iwata Eclipse. I primed some stuff with it today, and I’ll try some base coating with it in a few days, once all the timer is nice and set.


I have basically nothing to do with it and yet I want an iwata too