(SB Chess Club)

i saw one of mine and it said 7 blunders, 7 mistakes, 3 inaccuracies in a 25 move game. i don’t engage any with that stuff, i wouldn’t be able to move if i was thinking about that all the time

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i really wish i had my game logs on chess dot com from years back, they seem to have been purged. that was a weird time for me. i would resign games if they weren’t aesthetic enough

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i set the ai game level on this site to max for the true chess ai experience, and yup that number says 2600 alright. i would not recommend doing this

been playing a ton of games with SBers and other people (other speedrunners, people who frequent my stream). i saw people talking about chess club in goings on, so let’s make this the SB chess club thread :smiley:


if something gets going i might be in for a game or two. same caveat that i like to play at once and somewhere around 10-20 minutes unless it’s a really good game

i like using all the pieces. my approach has been just getting everything out doing stuff, and hope that gives me a strong enough position to get out of whatever bind that puts me in. it makes for some cool positions

i updated the thread title and moved it to Multi Kombat so it won’t randomly vanish into the axehole.


This strategy of yours is fundamental to good chess and is called Developing Your Pieces

yeahhh i know the basics, just saying at this stage in my chess hobby i like going for the fully configured positions, only incidentally thinking about stuff like getting an advantage or winning

wait are rypietrowski and vikram not playing each other? this should be on PRIME TIME TELLY

i haven’t played sb games with anyone else other than meauxdal

What’s yer handle rye? Let’s get it on.

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i could play one at some point, send me a pm if you have a time we can agree on, there’s no email notifications on lichess

you should just organize it in here, may as well just be a group message for the chessers among us

Okay well I am killiskiss on lichess if anybody wants to challenge me to a duel

i’m starting up a chess stream right now i think… well, maybe in like 5-10 minutes or so

i’m down for games

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oh my god i’m streaming y’all two’s game this is hype


good games, vikram. we ended up playing two games

in the first game, i went for a fancy setup on white where i move the queen knight over to the king side of the board, but it backfired when he just put me in check, so i had to do one of those weird scooch the king over castles that takes like 6 moves.

then later on i was focused on my queen being in danger in the middle, and i left my knight with nowhere to go. i went for a piece trade in hope i could sneak out of it somehow, but he didn’t fall for it and that was gg.

the second game was one of those cramped queen pawn as black games i have trouble with, everything kept running into each other. i wanted to move my queen knight for like half the game but it was stuck defending a pawn, and once i finally did like 20 minutes later i immediately lost it anyway, so it was one of those kind of games. also somewhere in there i wanted to get a pawn chain across the entire queen’s side of the board, but he broke it before i could do it, disappointing.

later on i finally got some space to work with, after like an hour of being on the defense. vikram did a slick check combination to trade rooks that i did not see coming. at that point we’d been playing for awhile and i don’t think either of us knew what would happen, but fortunately it left my pieces in a good position and i was able to get a checkmate a couple moves later.

so it was a 1/1, but it felt a little cheap cause he was solidly winning for most of it. also i think that last game was like 50 minutes i took entirely too long to play that. ggs, man


the links don’t seem to include the chat that’s disappointing, there was a chill dialogue

oh dang, that’s cool. that last game had a dicey finish to it