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edit: most discussion has moved to my chess discord, here:

we also have a team on lichess:

you can play a casual correspondence game in which you can take up to 2 days to do your move (or whatever length you like). it’s very chill and low stress and it’s given me an in to enjoy the game. i’ve always liked chess, but i’m awful at it. like, really bad.

i’ve been having fun though, so maybe someone else would like to play a cozy game or three?

the site is good, there are no ads and it works in the browser, but i haven’t shopped around or anything. this is just what my friend was using - i like it a lot. i tried the iphone app today and it seems to be good as well.

oh it also analyzes your game afterward if you want it to and tells me i’m doing stuff with fancy names that i know nothing about! and calls me out on “mistakes”, “inaccuracies” and “blunders”.

i am the most blunderous motherfucker, let me tell you

wait where are the liches


Not Long Island specific, then


i haven’t had the chess bug lately, but i might be up for playing a game or two sometime tomorrow or later. i’m tired i gotta go to bed now. although i play on time controls like 8 minutes / 8 seconds or something similar. i’m not a strong player i was rated like 1100 or so i think

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I am also quite bad but have been putting a bit of effort into getting better.

I’m about 50% win ratio with Stockfish 9 at a 1200 ranking. That’s probably, like, a 1000 irl ranking, I think (if I win 4/5 consecutive games on both sides with the computer then I up my opponent ranking until I can do it again).

I’m trying to not overthink my moves too much and learn by mistakes, so sometimes I’m pretty boneheaded and will just try something nutty that seems novel at the time.

I would play some peeps, but correspondence games don’t sound so great to me… I dunno–doesn’t it feel really slow and drawn out? My best live times would be between 8-11 AM (EST). Does that match up with anyone? Could also, in theory, do lunch games at 1-3AM (EST).

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i’m OK with a time limit for moves, but speed chess / fischer clock / stuff like that probably doesn’t appeal to me. it just stresses me out. maybe when i get better.

bhm, a correspondence game is just a game in which (in my case) you have 48 hours to make a move. usually you make one in a minute or so if you’re actively playing, but you can also sleep on a move or whatever if you get busy. i find it pretty nice!

i can play now actually. i sometimes have a window to play between 8-11

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something like 10-20 minutes is my preference for kinda impulse games. i mean i can drop and continue a game for hours if it’s a really good game, but that ratio with me seems to be low idk. i usually offer a draw or just resign if it starts to drag. it would be nice if there was an option to suspend the time controls for an exceptional game.

ah re-reading your post i could do something like a move a minute with breaks if that’s how you play. when i hear 48 hours per move i get the image of it taking a week to get through the kings pawn opening or w/e

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I tried to challenge you @meauxdal but I think I misunderstood how to actually start a correspondence game, so I have no idea if it worked or not

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i accepted your challenge. it is waiting for your move at

other people can spectate there too

@rypietrowski my moves generally take between 30 seconds and 10 minutes unless i’m busy or if i know the other person had to stop so i have time to mull. if we’re actively going back and forth i’m not going to keep you waiting all day.

10 minutes sounds long, but i’ve probably only made a few (1-2) moves that i actually took that long to think about. also, if you prefer faster pace, i can be a little more decisive so it can keep your interest. i’m just winging it.

other thing is, i’ve been playing at work so time constraints would only work when i’m at home.


i could play something like that. i’m not in a hurry to play one if you’ve got a game going with jsn right now. hit me up if you want to play later

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oops, i’m figured out that you have to register for correspondence games. i tried sending a challenge to be accepted whenever to but idk how this site works either

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was also anticipating femme lich content


good games meauxdal, i used to just play a lot of random games and that was nicer

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fantastic stuff, chess is just so much fun to me right now

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weird coincidence cuz when you posted this I was getting back to playing chess myself on

just challenged ya (I’m killiskiss)

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we played a couple correspondence games at a decent clip, it’s nice to have the option to set it down and pick it up later if needed. but there don’t seem to be any email notifications on lichess, only desktop ones. this thing would only work for me with playing most of the game active at the same time. if it starts getting into move tag i’d lose interest

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yeah we can do our games more actively and use the correspondence window if we need to do something else - that’s how i’ve generally done it anyway. when i’m at work i might get busy for a bit but when i’m at home i should be able to play more briskly

I peaked in chess at like 12 and can only stand speed chess at this point in my life. I don’t want to think.


I’ve lost two games against meuxdal now, and I have to say that, as a casual player, it’s really nice to be able to see an exact breakdown of where my strong early/middle game falls apart into haphazard, unmotivated piece-moving.

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