Let's play Magicka y'all

@CourierRice and @Felix and I have started playing through Magicka 1 so Courier can get the Tru Magicka Experience of accidentally blowing up your friends. But there’s space for more people! Is anyone up for it?

There is a chance that we will spend 25-50% of each session listening to Felix unbox kitchenware with his dog.

Also in exciting news I have acquired a mouse with a scroll wheel so now I can self-cast :open_mouth:


first time I played Magicka I accidentally hit DeusJester with lightning while he was wearing the Warhammer 40k armor like 20 times and laughed so hard I cried several times


I found to that recording of me with the instant pot a few days later and it was unwatchable

among other things my webcam is too old to track full-body movement very well so it’s a lot of blurring and dog voice and not much else

As soon as I get a desk, I’ll see if I can run it

When are y’all playing? It’s long been a dream of mine to finally play this game

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No schedule yet! Are you free… now??

Sorry I’m not! But I should have some time tomorrow!

I would play depending on times. I’m off work for a few weeks so most times should work I guess.

I would but I bet my machine is too shit to run Magicka and also I would be trying to annoy felix the whole time so you are all very happy my machine is too shit.

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Magicka runs fine on an Intel HD 4000 / 8600 GT or better fwiw


Tues & Weds night this wk are likely to be good for me fyi

I’m free Tuesday

i’m curious but also maybe hard to work with


Tomorrow works for me!

Ok cool! @CourierRice are you free tonight? I’m free starting around 8 Eastern.

should we doodle this like magic?

I mean, it’s just Magicka on Steam, we can really hop in and out as available and people will know we’re playing because it’ll say so

But yes in future doodles

I’ll be there in 20-30