LEFT ALIVE ⚙ (The Front Mission thread)



I was watching this earlier and realized I still have no idea what this is actually is. And that makes me think it’s going to end up being really weird. Looking forward to it!


I’m gonna play the fuck out of this




ahh, so this is a Front Mission game? i got that vibe from the trailer, or maybe i read that somewhere a long time ago and its lodged into my unconscious somewhere.

that voice acting is uh…

whatever, i’m buying this day 1, anyway.


Not really?

The dude behind this is the guy who created Armored Core.

edit: nvm, see below







Fuck I want that figure


this better be the binary domain of this generation.



Left Alive is real soon and here in JP there are commercials on normal television.


Might be cool???


MECHS AND SHIT!? Sounds cool, but I think I’ll wait for a review before diving into…idk know how the game plays honestly.


had the impression this was going to be some kind of mix between third person shooter and tactics game, but apparently it’s straight up just a cover-shooter, huh.

it seems ok i guess??



Day 1 purchase fersher y’all


i keep trying to find the hook of this game and it just isn’t clear to me. i’ll wait for impressions from the rest of the folks here.