LEFT ALIVE ⚙ (The Front Mission thread)


did you not see how fast you can run

I skimmed the video and I really did like how quick and swift movement was. Third person shooters can get so stationary and cover-focused so it was nice to see one that emphasized mobility again, even if it does feature cover shooting as well.


ah ok. quick running and mech stealing. now i get it


I think the real answer is that it comes off as a b-game with some good staff behind it, so while it will undoubtedly end up janky I expect it to have some interesting ideas that inspired the devs to make this kind of game in the first place and I’d like to see what those ideas are.



Yeah, I’m expecting something with the same aspirations/tone/concerns/fetishes of a Kojima game but on a Winback budget.


Gameplay with director commentary. Given that we’re at the end of the PS4’s life cycle, I think we can expect more of this mid-budget weird shit to leak out while the suits aren’t paying attention because they’re focused on the PS5 launch.



A few days after release Squeenix seem to have disabled all video streaming for the game (at launch only cutscenes were blocked). This is after a few days of real rough Amazon reviews and the game becoming already heavily discounted.

Underrated classic of the generation confirmed!


Yeah gonna buy this for 500 yen in a month.


Aw bummer, I had almost pulled the trigger sight unseen. I watched some of the gameplay and it was pretty jank too, getting in your giant mech but being constantly blocked by normal semi trucks type of stuff.


There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re just trying to keep from destroying civilian property.


that they let this thing out the door has to be some sort of legal cover for some promise someone made during a quarterly report financial forecast or something, right?


oy, the cynic in me is now saying to hold off for 3 months when they deep discount this game to wring any money out of it while it’s still ‘relevant’.


they should’ve honestly just made a proper front mission game.



Tried cancelling my Amazon order but they said it was too late!

Guess I’m obligated to update this thread now with gameplay impressions. I’m sorry everyone!


im sure im going to love this game


inb4 shitty angry joe review.




Having played Left Alive for two hours last night, I’m spellbound. It’s the most incredible homage to prime eastern euro CRPG jank I could dream of to be made in Japan: collectable half drank bottles of vodka in back alleys plastered with ugly graffiti and World of Tanks posters (strong alcohol boosts healing, of course), completely arbitrary interlinked systems that are confusing to make sense of, wonky collisions/physics/geometry/AI consistently resulting in unexpected outcomes, dialogue choices that seem primarily designed to screw you over and drive the “OUR WORLD IS NOT A PLEASANT PLACE” point home, out of place Half-Life references, and, of course, inexplicably bad and uneven performance on PC.

I’m not saying it’s good, mind you, but it’s absolutely surreal and compelling to see something like this with late PS3 Square Enix game sheen. I’m choosing to believe that everything hateable about it is creator of Armored Core purposefully homaging the Vital Engine games. Definitely not another The Quiet Man situation.


Very deep.


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