least depressing black mirror episodes


15 000 000 Merits would like a word for that title, IMO.


I’ve never been able to handle any in-your-face satirizations of flashy consumerist commercials or numbers-going-up computer interfaces or any combination thereof on, like, this side of robocop (I remember this part of sorry to bother you tweaked me as well). I always find it simultaneously too obvious and too grotesque; I wasn’t even able to make it to the end of that one or nosedive because it’s so viscerally repulsive to me. probably a me thing though.


The ending is probably the best part (unlike a lot of their other episodes), so I could see how not making it there would lower your opinion of it.

I did think that episode was too long, though; I nearly turned it off in the middle too.


That’s a fair assessment, it does drag on too long with the world building before the plot line shows up.

Nosedive is another favourite of mine, geez Felix you really pick 'em. :V


The first black mirror episode has been the only one I could sit through tbh.


yeah i thought the first season was brilliant but have not touched it since


I never liked black mirror, not even the first episode! I actually hated the first episode, its just a warmed over hunter s thompson joke