least depressing black mirror episodes


i dropped black mirror almost a year ago partway through episode 2 because the scene with the contest judges and jeering audience was hitting hard enough to give me an actual panic attack

but when i mentioned that to a friend last week she recommended “san junipero” (without even knowing about my big dumb celebrity crush on mackenzie davis and here she’s a super-cute awkward lesbian oh my godddddd MY HEART) and that was obviously a good time and made me feel good things

if someone could attempt to rank the episodes in terms of how badly they’re likely to fuck me up i would really appreciate it. i would’ve liked to watch all of this show but, well. mental illness -_-

hey it’s 4 am i swear i’m not high right now good night


okay NOW i’m high

no one should be allowed to be this cute ugh, she looks like what i used to imagine myself looking like ;-;

i’m amazed you guys still put up with my terrible posting habits jeez

i wish i could offload more of this stuff to facebook but anything i put on there that isn’t 100% on-brand ends up making me feel pretty uncomfortable. there are like four or five people i see make it work (including toups lol) and idk how they do it still


the one you found unwatchable is basically the second least depressing overall

san junipero is the only one with a happy ending

if you watched the first one with the prime minister with no problem maaaybe you could handle “be right back” because the spiral of depression the character goes through doesnt come from an unrelentingly cruel universe


maybe this isn’t the show for you


the pilot didn’t faze me really, i guess because i didn’t empathize much with the PM? idk

whereas if show hands me A Shy But Inwardly Beautiful Female YA Protaganist Who’s Just Like Me and then coerces her into cruel sex acts, yeah that’s gonna mess me up

cynicism and downer endings aren’t the same as triggers, is basically what i’m saying


i gotcha

perhaps avoid white bear and white christmas because those have long scenes of people psychologically torturing women until they are broken


I’ve only made it through about half the ones I watched, would rec the very first episode and be right back over anything else from the first two series.


in before “what if phones, but too much”


After watching the one where twitter was voting for who the robot killer bees to kill next, I decided one hour was too much of an investment to watch this show regularly.


when season 2 was coming out, my old roommate and i decided to watch the whole first season in one sitting

please do not do this


i remember thinking The Waldo Moment was my least favorite for a while because of how goofy the whole thing felt, and oh boy


the second episode of the first series (the one that’s a dystopian world where you have to earn xbox achievements to live and kinect forces you to watch every advert) was so depressing i haven’t watched any more since then.

but i haven’t really enjoyed any brooker thing since screenwipe ended. all the other *wipe shows have been boring or depressing or both


yeah the second episode of the first series was on the list of “first act went on too long, too bleak, do not care how it ends” – the first episode of the third series seemed like an attempt to do that one over


Yeah i actually thought the PM one was hilarious (for how po-faced it was vs. what it was about) but “15 Million Merits” crushed me and i couldn’t watch anymore.
Want to check out that supposedly uplifting happy episode though.


what was the british show about computer viruses that everyone loved


It panders to me so it is obviously automatically good


15 million credits was fairly long and boring for the first 40 minutes but its conclusion was what convinced me this wad a good show

though it’s even more depressing than the rest of the episode

Definitely stay away from the rest of the series, haley




The premise of Nosedive may come across as ridiculous but it’s worth it for ending, which I thought was funny and human. Be Right Back is pretty melancholy, you know, if you want a change from outright cruel.

Otherwise, no, it’s a grim show. Even San Junipero is pretty bittersweet when you consider its details, and they probably felt after a dozen dystopias they could afford to go with something more upbeat. But I’m also the kind of person who thought the ending of Hated in the Nation was unearned, so.


My gf and I actually thought San Junipero’s ending was sort of shitty/bleak but I think it’s because the “happy ending” felt kind of forced and we didn’t buy it


Consider that there’s clubs for people to see how far they can take things on the outskirts of nostalgia village once existential boredom inevitably sets in and, well, it’s all still a simulation dependent on external factors too.