least depressing black mirror episodes


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  1. being pandered to is your prerogative, chase yr bliss
  2. if you liked it, i’d probably like it ¯_(ツ)_/¯



“Black Museum” sounds amazing already


After a handful of episodes I’ve never gone back, reality is already too depressing for me


This trailer kind of makes it look like Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams is Channel 4’s reaction to losing Black Mirror to Netflix but still looks intriguing enough.


I would strongly encourage having a curated black mirror experience, some of them are nearly unwatchable (S01E02, S03E03) and enough of the others are so heavy-handed that it’s hard to give them the whole hour (S03E01, S03E05)


season one episode 2 is my favorite episode 8)





I don’t even really like the rest of the series!


I have watched probably every episode of Black Mirror. Usually I end up sticking with an episode I’m not really feeling because I want to see if there’s a twist at the end. I’m often rewarded. Other times I just like whatever particular hook they’re using for the story.

The writers toe a fine line between portraying a technological impact on the world that is both plausible enough to be believable but also still inherently interesting or unexpected in some way. Though with reality getting weirder since season 1 and these days stranger by the week they’re going to have a hard time upping the ante.

Having lived with an until recently non-diagnosed depressive/anxiety disorder most of my life I’ve found the series to be an enjoyable way to kind of put things in perspective. The world could always be worse! Maybe the technological society we’re in can still be righted and put on a more human course, etc. I just keep telling myself that these days anything is still possible. Good things just as much as bad.



So the first episode of Electric Dreams aired last weekend. As an introductory story, it was kind of rote but it does hold a lot of promise as it goes down the line because the important thing is it ends on such a massive note of melancholy and human paranoia that yes, this is in fact straight up PKDickian.

Also the budget Blade Runner set actually looked pretty good and credible. Next episode is an adaptation of The Impossible Planet.


This is what we’re getting instead of a 2017 Wipe.


Season 4 is up on Netflix. There are six episodes. I’m only halfway through the first episode but it’s actually really fun so far and not really that depressing but we’ll see how it all turns out by the end!

The second episode was directed by Jodie Foster.

This is about all I know about Season 4 of Black Mirror.


It’s fairly bad but entertaining overall but so was the last one. I might have to revisit the Channel 4 run but I’m starting to suspect it exhausted most everything that could be done with these.

I wish I liked Metalhead more because it’s conceptually neat and straightforward, and I think that’s mainly down to the dogs not looking enough like recognisable contemporary Boston Dynamics ones. The best one for me might be Crocodile, because of the tech changing hands and how it necessarily informs and exacerbates the escalation of the situation in a way that’s recognisably human and damning. Arkangel is a close second despite being predictable because in a similiar way it’s committed. USS Calister and Hang the DJ are just borderline magic and goofy comedies, and the latter is a much weaker San Junipero (which I really don’t think has a happy ending really), but the former has a cute punchline even though if you’re into gaming you’ve seen it before. Black Museum I just enjoyed for being outright gonzo, especially the Penn Jillette pain addict story.

This season didn’t have total duds but man. At this point, the moral in most of these is pretty repetitious, and the same one you get if you played SOMA, which delivers it all in a more horrific and granular fashion. Don’t duplicate your consciousness, folks, one is bad enough.


Yes, it always surprises me when people talk about that being a happy ending. It’s not any more positive than the conclusion of SOMA (which is very cheap right now on Steam).

I watched the Callister episode last night because I’d heard positive things. It was well-produced, but some of the lines and some of the things that you had to accept to go along with the story were too much for me to really enjoy it.

Right after that, I watched the first episode (first two, technically) of new Twin Peaks. I’m sure that other thread is already full of praise for the show, but I sure am impressed so far. That ghostly guy in the jail alone was enough to sell me. Fortunately, I have had nothing spoiled so I have no idea what is coming.

It’s easily my favorite as well. Back before the show was well-known, I’d sometimes recommend it to someone but I’d tell them to skip the first episode (at least initially) and start with the second one.


The pigfucking sold me immediately and none of them have measured up since


same, I don’t think any other has really come close for favourite episode. There have been some good emotional ones (2-1, 3-4) and thriller ones (3-2, 3-6) but none that were as interesting. 1-2, 2-2, and 3-1 are misery parades, 1-3, 2-3, and 3-5 aren’t as much fun as they need to be given how relatively obvious they are, and 3-3 is just gross.