REVIVAL thread

i never stopped using! lets chat about our compatibilities and complain about them taking away the custom sidebar


the site is useful again because of the scrobbling add-on for browsers, BUT MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF YOUTUBE so you dont stream your auto recommendations when you fall asleep watching youtube!
last fm users dont need to see my whole youtube history

most importantly tell me your, of course im doing this shit again


I’ve also never stopped using I’d considered quitting a few years ago because I was afraid that my awareness of the tracking would somehow influence what I listened to, but I don’t think about it much at all these days.

On the other hand, even more of what I listen to is tracked now than before because Poweramp is the music player I use on my phone and I have it linked to my account.

We are already connected, but



i think i only get high compatibility these days with people who listen to tons of muslimgauze

but yes. this is my thread and everyone must post their compatibility with me

Your compatibility with enemarathon is High.

You both listen to Ilkae, Oneohtrix Point Never and EinstĂĽrzende Neubauten.


words: eaten

Hell yeah peeping profiles fully later

okay so i dont get super compatibility unless you listen to tons of muslimgauze hmph

Your compatibility with enemarathon is Super.

You both listen to Muslimgauze, E-40 and Xiu Xiu.

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dont forget to link your own profile! unless you’re scared

my is a zombie with no conscience if i’m not in high school and i don’t go on /mu/. this is like playing minecraft with no internet


mwahaha super compatibility

that sidebar app that collected every logo of all your favorite bands was so cool because like, if you’re not a metal band your logo isn’t really official like that


i remember how there were a ton of groups on that wouldnt accept your membership if your ECLECTIC SCORE wasnt high enough

all those scoring systems for music taste on that site were hilarious

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I have not scrobbled in years but on the other hand my music tastes haven’t changed that much


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missing 33k plays of midori but good enough



Is this something I’d have to turn javascript back on for? I tried to tell it to run scripts on lastfm, but it keeps insisting that scripts have been blocked. Is it using some weird interstitial domain for critical functions?

Also, do I dare ask what scrobble means?

the site used to be called audioscrobbler dot com

a scrobble is when you post a song you’re listening to on their site. you scrobble the audio

in the program you’re using (foobar, browser, spotify, winamp etc) there are options to link the program with your account
spotify owns now

knowing i was being scrobbled absolutely influenced my listening habits as a teen and now i feel weird about the data collection in general? that said i use spotify so who cares right

last plays are probably from before i moved house and lost half my computer

i’ve always meant to check out Muslimgauze


we should get liz to post here again

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