Labyrinth of Worlds (A Kingdom Hearts Podcast)


So in addition to the ongoing Hinge Problems, I also record a podcast with a friend called Labyrinth of Worlds (yes, I know this is the subtitle for Ultima Underworld 2, but it fits here so well, and also Sleazy’s KH Title generator bot picked it at one point) in which for a variety of silly reasons), we decided to play through all of the Kingdom Hearts games and talk about them. Part of it might be getting swept up in the wave of hype for part 3, but other part of it just might be that we are masochists…or so we thought! Turns out we actually like this silly game series so far? Our main site is just, with LabWorlds as our twitter handle

Anyhow, I will post updates on it here as we get new episodes. The first three are already available on the site and in direct download links below:

We should be recording Episode 4 at some point in the next week or so, focusing on the Sora portion of Re: Chain of Memories. We are thinking of possibly setting up/recording a livestream for watching the movies of the series at some point (Re:Coded, 358/2, X: Back Cover) (I am not making this up), though we have to figure out logistics for that as well, so no promises.

So yeah, any thoughts/comments/feedback/mockery is welcome.


i havent listened yet but i am also thinking a lot about kingdom hearts so i wanna follow this!!

is an episode about the idea of a kingdom hearts without disney worlds or cameos from other games planned after coverage of the whole series is done with?

there’s this idea on the kingdom hearts forums that without disney no one would be as drawn to this weird and incomprehensible action rpg as they are now, but i was drawn to it as a kid because i heard simple and clean on the disney channel commercial for it and thought it was emotionally mature and about a kind of love i really wanted to experience (or something)


I was feeling a morbid curiosity for revisiting this series so I will absolutely listen to incredulous dulcet tones about it instead.


Got an episode and a half in during my commute yesterday and I absolutely love this despite never having cared about Kingdom Hearts before.


We hadn’t thought specifically about that, but I think it would be a good conversation to have, yeah, because the story minus Disney is so fucking weird that I have no idea how much traction it would actually have without that hook. I will shoot this over to my partner to keep in his head moving forward.

Glad you are enjoying it. It was amusing for us how we went really quickly from “oh god this is a bad idea why are we doing this” to “fuck yeah, let’s heart some kingdoms or something”. It’s a silly ridiculous series, but it has a lot of weird heart (which it will remind you of every time someone talks and says the word heart at least once a conversation).


havent listened yet but i’m always ready to listen to someone being baffled by kingdom hearts for the first time hell yeah


Yeah I’m going to cane through these


The best thing about Kingdom Hearts is that an otherwise wholesome Disney product still manages to wind up at a thoroughly Squeenix abyssal penismonster for its finale


It’s basically a prototype for an FF13 boss.


So we made it through Re: Chain of Memories, and this is the first episode on that, focusing on Sora’s quest.


Finally posted up the late night recording of us talking about Riku in Chain of Memories after we marathoned through the game.


I don’t know if this is a legit source or not but you might have to add a game to your list…


That’s me doing my video game thing. Kingdom Hearts . It’s a Japanese videogame, and that’s the theme song from it. It’s one of the dopest melodies I’ve ever heard. Shout out Japanese videogames and Japanimation for inspiration.


Between now and then he’s probably done a few other vg samplings but I can’t say. Feels full circley either way.


Oh man, so big update here with three episodes, finally tackling Kingdom Hearts 2.


I started listening to this today. I’m partway through the second episode and having a great time. I haven’t thought this deeply about Kingdom Hearts since high school days!


Yeah, I’m getting a kick out of this despite not even thinking about Kingdom Hearts in the past 14 years. I’m only through KH2 part 1 but do you mention how Yensid is Disney backward?


Hilariously, I didn’t figure that out until well after we recorded it, and will have to mention it on a future episode.


Yensid is a big part of 3D so you are good.


Hell yeah new episode and HELL YEAH for telling the story of our magical car ride