Labyrinth of Worlds (A Kingdom Hearts Podcast)


Oh yeah forgot to post here, but new episode is up, covering Re:Coded.


New Episode, all about 358/2 Days


The Night Before KH3, Some Probably Wrong Predictions.


New Episode, obvious KH3 spoilers.


So uh, we listened to Mickey’s Dance Party, and uhhhhhm, yeah.


Two new eps uploaded tonight:

KH3-Swap Another Game in Here

KH3-Look at the Big Balls on Disney


Nice! I listened to the Mickey’s Dance Party episode the other day and it was a great time. I was laughing my ass off at that I’m Blue cover.


That whole album is amazing. It’s such a weird specific cultural relic.


Riku’s key is a very common style for Japanese apartments. My apartment I have now is actually my first with a normal key.

If you love dumb over complicated bullshit Pirates 2 and 3 will absolutely give you a good time. There is actually lots of good jokes between Pirates and KH of them not explaining their complicated bullshit to each other. Here’s the one y’all were maybe the most hung up on: the african witch lady is the godess of the sea and the crabs are her manifestation.

Frozen being a metaphor for gay/trans/queer coming out is much more crystal clear to me now and it rules. My dumb white guy opinion when it came out read it literally so it went over my head.


Here’s a dumb request: if you’re going to continue releasing multiple episodes on the same day, could you either add an episode/part number to the title of the episode or explicitly mention it in the first 30 seconds of the episode? I realize this is kind of a nitpick but some podcast apps use different sort orders in different parts of the app so it can be confusing to know which is which depending on what angle I’m approaching it from.


I knew she was supposed to be something like that, but yeah, she is just completely not explained in game at all, and it’s hilarious.

That does make a lot of sense about Frozen.


Shit, sorry about that. Not normally the plan to release multiple eps on the same day, but I will try to put a number in the first minute or so from now on and in the titles.