Kitschfork (2000's indie music podcast)

continuing on from the posts that i made a month or so back in the other thread

it’s me and my cohost Max’s (previously of the podcast Desert Island Discourse) podcast re-litigating our musical youths on the internet in the 2000’s and the “indie kitsch” of the era… embodied thru Pitchfork media.

the current episode is our spicy takes on the most 2000’s indie rock of all 2000’s indie rock bands (for better or for worse), Spoon and their 2001 breakout “Girls Can Tell”. listen to me call them “MOR music for rock nerds” among other things. as well as just general music discourse in the latter half of the episode

also enjoy this related meme of mine


anyway enjoy!


I’ve been meaning to listen to the Bjork one. I was listening to it and your discussion about Debut made me stop and go listen to it, and then I’ve just been listening to Debut a lot lol. I wanna get back to the actual discussion of Vespertine.


Apparently Slacker is bubbling to the top of the collective unconscious I refrenced it on face book and now its in this podcast. I haven’t thought about the film in years

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I was never a big Bjork fan, but I liked your episode about her! When you described Debut as essentially just a house album, that made me more interested, lol. I’m gonna give it a go.

I did listen to Vespertine thanks to that episode, and it is pretty good! Fantastic production. Something about Bjork’s voice and the high drama makes it kind of hard for me to get too into at this stage in my life but I definitely respect this record.

Remember when we were at Electronicon and I said that the one Bjork song I ever got really into was the one from the Being John Malkovich credits? I found it. Turns out it’s a Vespertine b-side.

I still think it’s really good.


by the way, this is very funny. we literally just recorded this next episode a few days ago and i said something about Pitchfork giving them a 10 (cuz we talked about an album that got a 10) and then i was like “no they’ll probably give it a 7 like they give everything else”

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yeah, i think the 90’s nostalgia is in full swing. also Max (my co-host) is from Texas and it legitimately is either her favorite or one of her favorite movies from what she said, so it seems like it would have come up eventually.



yeah just caught this episode last night and very much same