Keep your Brother Nier and Your Dad Nierer RE

Nier is installing. I’m excited! I bought it full price at release because of hearing Song of Ancients Poppola on SB1. That summer was Nier and Dog Days. Good Summer.

Here’s to enjoying [spoilers] because [spoilers] if not [spoilers]


Copy’s on its way. First grabbed the game for £8 after seeing a random gameplay trailer. My expectations going in have never been lower compared to my positive feelings after finishing than with Nier.

I only played the first hour or so of this game on the 360 at my gf’s house, but I had a grand old time. I’m really excited to do a full playthrough this time around!

Pedantic Quible Time: the sound mixing and fading seems way worse. I remember being constantly amazed how seemlessly it crossed tracks in the ps3 version and here it keeps starting-stopping.

Kind of hate the new Hills of Radiant Wind.

Finished the first dungeon. I forget do you only get access to gardening after the time skip?


actually preordered this with some bundle deal at one of the cd key sites. not gonna play it on release though, didn’t make it through any of the games I’m playing in time. unlucky.

I got the first game at release because the idea of a game following Drakengard’s E ending blew my mind

It was superb for the first 90% then it jumped the shark in the last stretch

Not sure I can deal with Yako Taro’s horniness in 2021


I haven’t bought a game day 1 in some time, this should be fun

I guess I’m the only person on the whole internet not bothered by YTs horndt


aw what, the crossfading to hacking chiptunes was one of m favourite parts of automata


i like this review a lot, really seems to imply this remake is what i thought it would be… something i think i will have a lot of negative things to talk about, but also something i preordered and will probably 100% and enjoy most of my time doing that.
picking up the original dirst cheap years ago when unemployed really was a perfect way to play it.


When you embrace Easy Mode and turn on the auto-battle system it feels and looks even better.

Take that RSI!


Literally the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Nier is how the beautiful a cappella song in the first dungeon transitions to a drums version during battle


The idea that you have to hold down a button constantly and turning that into a toggle is somehow related to difficulty is baffling


if you look at an intersex persons genitals 10 times you get the cheevo daredevil

'you risked life and limb to discover someones secret"

ohh its like a throwback joke about looking at 2bs ass…

i only got paat the first loop when i played this game before and was like FUCK NO to more of that combat, but now that ive done the nier raid in ffxiv i might care about what’s going on more? im gonna play the 360 version most likely since i dont have anything that will play the new one. my ps4 is uh… straining lately

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This was a really good articulation of and some new ideas on some thoughts I’ve had about how troubled I am by these remakes/remasters threatening to displace their originals. I’d really feel better about this whole enterprise if Square was also putting out a PC/PS4/PS5 or whatever port of the origianl game in like a year or something, just for keeping the original in circulation.

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i adore the combat in the original, it’s the perfect balance of satisfying and easy (see also: gravity rush 1) that i could play it for as long as required, i think making combat in this game more engaging (aka like a platinum game) can only be worse for it.


Bought on Steam and ready to play tomorrow night hopefully! Gonna just turn the overlay off completely and forget cheevos exist. Looking forward to the super chill fishing and flower growing! Hopefully I can enjoy this even though I don’t think we can play as Dad Nier and the music transitions might not be as cool? I sure liked walking in and out of my house in the original just to hear it switch seamlessly between the two versions of that particularly beautiful song.


I bought the original Nier as I recall some good talk about it hear at the time and this was the brief time that K-Mart was trying to compete in the game’s space so it was part of a stupidly aggressive sale if you bought like three games or spent X amount of dollars at a time so I got it, Vanquish and Dead Rising 2 for a good price. Didn’t care for Vanquish (this is what convinced me to stop trying Platinum games), I think I never actually played Dead Rising 2 but Nier… that was a special experience.

Not playing this new version as I still own my original copy and am ride or die for Papa Nier.


why would i ever want to be yonah’s brother


Kurt put it on the real site!