Kali's Doing It Again, Someone Stop Them: Pokémon Sacred Gold

Heya, Fuckers!

I’m doing a Nuzlocke again, because I lost all the stuff for the last one in my move and machine switch. Also because I was barely able to play that one, because teaching was a nightmare that made me work all day every day.

So this time around, I’m playing Sacred Gold, a hack by Drayano of Pokémon Heart Gold, the DS remake of the Gen 2 games. This game is Gen 4, so mechanically it’s basically equivalent to Gen 5, the time when the games were the best. You can’t argue with me I’m right shut up

The best part about this game is that your lead Pokémon follows you around, which is the cutest shit.

So, let’s get the housekeeping out of the way:

Nuzlocke Rules
  • If a Pokémon faints, they’re dead, we’ll eulogize them or somethin’.
  • We can only befriend the first Pokémon we meet in a given place, so if they run away or we scare them, we don’t get a new pal.
  • Caveat - Species Clause: If the first Pokémon somewhere is the same kind as one we already have in our party, we won’t count them as the first encounter.
Sacred Gold v. Heart Gold
  • Every Pokémon that exists in Gen 4 is catchable somewhere
  • HMs are made to be more viable as moves, since we’ll need to have them
  • No evolutions are impossible for a solo game
  • Various Pokémon were rebalanced
  • Every trainer is harder, and gym leaders have full rosters of 6 competitively viable Pokémon

I will update this first post as we go, likely adding a table of contents like I have in the past. I’m planning to update this once a week, to stop myself from sinking my life into playing a Pokémon game.

Also as before, I’ll be naming Pokés after SB users who interact with the thread, and I’ll be using they/them for all Pokémon unless requested otherwise by someone who got named.

Also also as before, I’ll probably be using this as an excuse for a silly metanarrative and to do art. Without further ado, let’s get to it!


First Order of Business

Which sweet summer child will we befriend first?

(Note: Art Not Mine)

  • Shy Fire Lad
  • Lovable Alligator
  • Cute Leaf Dinosaur

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i always do the fire-starter, but especially in Gold. I love Cyndaquil. I always call it DayQuil.

i want to be a gengar06144c8d89ca7df179fa3824d15df8d9f9042b37r1-500-332_hq

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i am very excited for metanarrative and art

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CzsR (1)



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who voted for chikorita


oh I didn’t know about this ROMhack, wanna try it!!

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It’s quite good! They’ve done similar hacks for:

  • Fire Red / Leaf Green (the first they did)
  • Black / White
  • Heart Gold / Soul Silver
  • Black 2 / White 2
  • Platinum
  • Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire

Here’s their drive with all of their documentation and patches:

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I can reserve your name for a Gastly/Haunter/Gengar, should we ever run into one! Generally I’ll be pulling names randomly with each friend made but I can save yours for the good ghost friends

the black and white series ones are particularly good

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Dang look at that three way tie for the starter

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cyndaquil just happy to be here

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The results are in, and despite being the underdog for a little while, Cyndaquil has come out on top in the poll! So they’ll be our starter.

Also is there a way for me to see who interacted with the poll so I can add everyone who voted into my names list? Or did I fuck that by making it a pie chart

I voted for the leaf cuz I like when it turns into a palm tree brontosaurus. Put me in please.

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I cannot lie, I was pulling for Chikorita


2020-05-23 10.20.14 tcrf.net 75d3ef05ccc2
i’m glad they replaced these with Cyndaquil and Totodile, but I think the first-stage of the fire bear is pretty cool.



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I missed the voting but I’m excited for this thread Kali

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