Jagged Hearts


I’m working on a game called Jagged Hearts with a friend of mine. I’m doing narrative, systems, and level design, as well as some marketing copy and production stuff. Since we’re getting close to our vertical slice I figured I’d post about it here.

It’s a tactics RPG set in a fictional world reminiscent of medieval Europe and inspired by real-life peasant revolutions. We want to make a game that pays homage to the classic tactics RPGs of the past - particularly Tactics Ogre - while giving players lots of cool synergies and an emotionally engaging, spiritually interesting narrative.

If this sort of thing sounds like your jam, I’ve linked the website below.



yeah let me know how I can Cling Together with you over the experience of making this game

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uh, absolutely yes to all of this

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Here’s a tweet of some character art the project lead did to define the looks of some major characters

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I will definitely do so, because as we all know I am a Person of Lordly Caliber

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oh yeah well I might have to Kach U A bunch of word of mouth for this interesting project


uhhhhh… Ogre Battle


definitely interested!

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let there be fabulous breeches and hose

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Can we all just join your cooperative since we can’t seem to start one?

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great minds . . . .

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This sounds rad. Peasant revolution tactics sounds like the best thing. Plz keep us posted.

In your research, by the way, have you come across Sakura Sogoro? One of my favorite peasant revolters.

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The German Peasants’ War is our explicit and primary inspiration for the story lmao

I have not! We’ve mostly focused on medieval Europe peasant revolts, but I’ll definitely look into this.

Our cooperative isn’t really formal yet so no, sorry.

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ahhh this sounds rad


ha, fantastic!

(if your team ever feels like translating the game to portuguese i could help :eyes:)


can you be a girl

when people say they’re inspired by TO i have no idea which parts they identify as the good ones (i could say that with a lot of love about all the matsuno games i’ve tried), looking forward to seeing what your mechanics end up looking like

been studying fft’s engine for the past few months and am increasingly appreciative at how much work is necessary to even start iterating anything in this genre


So, sort of? We don’t have a “main character” in the traditional sense of these games, but a “main party”, and one of the main party is a woman. The game follows all three of the characters around, and takes time to connect you with each.


i’ll take it