Is this chromatic mush?


Kinda? The melodic lines lose some of their contours in all of the obsessively detailed harmonic shifts… But it’s also cool. Very cool. Jacob seems like a good boy in possession of strong musical knowledge and craft and I hope he goes far.


This is way too diatonic to be chromatic mush. It’s also FUCKING GREAT MY GOD

I hate to be this nerd, but: Earthboundy?


You should listen to all of his stuff. He’s great.

These transcription videos are nice too. They highlight the particular chordal work and that obsessive element, one that I identify strongly with. Not being able to let go until the very very end, every transition is an opportunity to try to slip some transcendent musical moment in. Wanting to attain this impossible lush object

Look at how smart and excited he is


My god he’s a baby child


Diplo, do you know how maths education works in music schools these days? I’m assuming Cuba’s quadrivium education entwined math and music theory, yah?


It did indeed. We started our music tutorial learning about intervals from the Greeks in terms of ratios, building on our earlier Euclid.


Did that engender a love of Bach in all, or


We certainly did not require any assistance cultivating a love of Bacchanals




For me it was

which is much more Debussy, but still, the accompaniment, sort of


this is nice

I have strong pleasant memories of Arabesque because of, um, Dink Smallwood


jesus kill myself christ


It’s late and I haven’t seen my wife in two weeks but on the headphones 2:00-2:15 literally made me weep.


Crying to music is good and should be done often and for all manner of musical things

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chord porn is real


What a decent god damned human bering

Herbie Hancock! Fuck’s sake!


that pamplemoose horseshit has prejudiced me against youtubemusos forever unfortunately

sorry jacob you seem pleasant and hardworking


this seems pretty close to mania/hypomania, actually - speaking from experience - i guess some people maybe just get that way without being bipolar, though, but it immediately made me think of manic episodes

p.s. this guy is fucking great


ok, i got addicted and started listening to a bunch of his stuff. hmmmmm, how should i put this

he may be too smart for his own good. when i contrast what i’ve heard so far with someone like, say, kfaraday, i find that he almost oversaturates the harmonies at times which, while undoubtedly impressive, is extraordinarily taxing to the listener. i feel exhausted just listening to 8 hyper-complex 10-voice chords in 2 seconds of music, and that’s… a lot of his music.

will need to listen more, but i find what i’ve heard so far more interesting to think about and analyze than to listen to



Do you mean the thing where people got mad about them getting money from willing patrons