Is this chromatic mush?


This is what I meant by “chromatic mush” in case it wasn’t clear. The songs tend to be so dense and quick to squeeze in another idea that it’s like, wait, slow down – that’s a beautiful thing to dwell on (and so I like those reprieves in his “In the Bleak Mindwinter” arrangement very much for that reason). But I’m still excited and it’s excitement about not only what he’s done but what he will/might do. It’s just too convenient and traditional of a practice to link personality/state of mind with compositions written at concurrent times, but maybe there’s something to it here…


oh i just thought he was mad because they are not that great


no i meant their music which was bad


has this boy done o superman yet


Oh. Ok. I’ve never heard it


There’s nothing overwrought about that Danny Boy version. Or this original

He’s still a kid. You can tell from his mania in that interview that he is just absolutely alight with joy at his abilities. When this guy is 40 he’s gonna make some music you won’t fuckin believe.

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He’s a good bassist too btw. Check out the songs that feature one


lol jesus christ :dies:

We had that Knower/Louis Cole thread a while back and some of the stuff Jacob’s doing here with the really adventurous parts, all of these stabbed block chords with wide bizarre harmonic leaps and underlined with funky perverted basslines, makes me think of what I wish the former were, sometimes

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i love the irregular tuplet rhythm asides, reminds me of joe’s garage

quintuplets are so nice when they are accurate


or a manhattan transfer pwn


as good as this guy is, it all does feel a little empty to me. i wish his taste/aesthetic was more my speed. not into the piercing falsetto all the time just because there’s nowhere else you could hear the melody when you always stack 6+ voice harmonies

he doesn’t sound that good when he does vocal r&b/blues runs, i wish there were less of those
his vocal melodies are a lot less interesting than his harmonies
he’s at his best when he’s doing sort of mid-period metheny vamps and time signature trickery with insane chord progressions
i could honestly be cool with him playing instruments more and singing less

i listen to this guy and i say “hmmmm”. it’s not like when i listen to zappa and say “man, this guy is the best thing ever”, even though this guy is clearly in the same kind of league compositionally and instrumentally, and possibly (probably (definitely?)) even more advanced in some respects.

you know how virt would release a track he made in an hour and it would make you wonder how anyone could possibly make that track in an hour? like a 5+ minute multi-movement funk breakdown with dueling guitar solos or some shit

but how many times did you actually go back and replay that track

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i’m going to download and listen to his album tonight, the stuff i heard from that has been good


this would be pretty hilarious


Idk, these songs are a million times more impressive to me than virt’s music, which to me is a good demonstration of how you can draw out the potentials of various chip hardware but otherwise workmanlike. Never gotten frisson or had a “whoa” moment. I’m def feeling compelled to relisten to Jacob’s stuff


i think i want this young man to be less hifi ultimately

like if for some reason he suddenly fell in love with all things tommy wright iii


I want him to do whatever he wants!!


I am pretty sure his musical mind will deepen and soften and after he gets some Real Life in him we’re gonna see some shit. I’ll stay subscribed to his goddamn yourtub channel at least.


virt’s first two FX albums put me on some shit i hadn’t been on before, and i blasted those for a long time. perhaps if i had been aware of the scene before that, it wouldn’t have been quite as revelatory, but i have to claim him as a major influence just because he opened my eyes to a new genre and that early fx work is pretty close to beyond reproach from my vantage

perhaps a better comparison would be holdsworth (rip) - from the jump, even on holdsworth’s earliest work, you could tell he was just a man apart. impossible for me not to recognize the genius of it and crave more and more of it - like tasting a flavor you’ve never tasted before, and it just blows your socks off. i just don’t get that with this kid, not YET, but i am listening more tonight and i feel like his album might shed more light on his aims as opposed to iharmu and arrangements of standards/folk/hymns/etc.

what i do get from this kid is that his mastery of harmony is almost unparalleled in the contemporary music landscape. herbie doesn’t fuck with this kid for nothing.


I just don’t like his voice at all and I dig this stuff up until I hear his voice and it just all turns to shit


As expected