Is 'E-3', close enough for our hips to start gyrating?


Like seriously?


we’re all getting older so eventually e3 hype threads will come three weeks late and liveblog only our guilt.


I’ll watch the Microsoft/Bethesda/Devolver pressers because they happen on Sunday but everything else is on a work day so I’ll just catch the highlights when I get home those days.

But really I wish they’d just leak all the big announcements and info and stuff ahead of time so I could know what to look out for and what to ignore.


I’m pretty stoked because my boss is gonna be out for a week


Sounds hype, if you still care for it, work and all…
(I’ll never have a ‘job’ again; assuming life goes according to plan- long story, ask me at Branson)


well it’s a job and it’ll be a more chill job for that week so I can’t complain


my interest in this event is solely in watching terrible press conferences and thus my enthusiasm is heavily diminished this year. microsoft is going to have to work twice as hard


This is kind of exactly what I was asking for from open worlders in my post about Rage 2 so hmmmmm.

Will it be a monkeys paw wish granted type situation? Maybe! But that’s nice to see some new ideas (though technically didn’t they already do this with Driver: San Francisco? And it worked there, right?).

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if its like pocketcamp ill puke


I’d like a modern controller that doesn’t use a mini usb connector that comes unplugged every time I exhale


i wonder which mediocre looking developer the internet will get embarassingly horny for this year


Watchdogz 3?!?!
Holy… Moly, that is TOTALLY up my 12-lane alley/highway.

E3 is over already, Sony took the cup for ages with their PS3 presser, and nobody managed to surpass that dramedy, not even the SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS, TVTVTVTVTV SPORTS MS conference.
I conceded defeat, watched the 1 min cut of Giant Enemy Crab Ridge Racer and never looked back.
Any healthy person is invited to do the same!


e3 2019: todd howard jerkoff fantasy session will be the entirety of bethesdas conference

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Is Mikami gonna announce God Hand 2?


need to go there on acid one day so bad


this sounds like an awesome way to experience spirit death in the sweaty, hellish confines of a convention center


im away with work over e3. im ok with that


ive had so many horrifying realizations about video games and i want many many more


I was in it for the new Death Stranding trailer and that’s been taken care of already.


hoping there will be some reveals ab ffvii : r and an ’ animal crossing for switch ’ announcement but it’s not like i have to actually watch it as it’s happening or anything. there’s a live letter for xiv that’ll happen but i’m not caught up with the story so i don’t wanna get spoiled.