Indivisible 👁

Coming soon to Sega Saturn.


I am SO EXCITED for this stupid game it looks so pretty!!!

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When I noticed folks acquiring the game on Steam, I was a little surprised, 'cause I’d backed the game back in 2016 and hadn’t gotten any notifications about the game being available yet. It turns out that the project updates had been getting screened by my email for literal years, I haven’t lived at the physical address I’d provided to indiegogo for about as long, and they just finalized shipping! One panicked email to the support address they’d provided seems to have fixed the physical address problem, so kudos for that. But now I have lingering dread about what else I’ve been missing due to email and address problems.


OCTOBER 8TH!!! i backed this game when the indiegogo was announced too IM VERY EXCITED AHHHHHHH

maybe everyone will get obsessed with guardian heroes too


I didn’t know Brandon wrote it. It’s an IC reunion

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Think this might own a lot so I preordered and I never preorder


I look forward to discovering which party makeup breaks the combat


wow pretty

Been hype for this since the early days of development.

Can’t wait to hear what Hiroki Kikuta did for the soundtrack!

I just hope it can be made really hard tbh

everything in the art direction and what they’ve shown of the level design makes it look excessively gentle, like the kind of jRPG design that exists mainly to remind you that you’re playing a jRPG, but I love valkyrie profile combat in theory so I have high hopes

also the animation is very vividly the absolute best possible kind of “americans who really really love anime” so that doesn’t hurt

also this september-october are absolutely nuts with indie darlings so I’m gonna be late to the party

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also really happy for them for making such a long development cycle work

Probably not the only one hoping this will be a GOTY…! The prototype/demo was solid though understandably sparse, given the deep cooking time as we near release it looks like an Amazing Promise 2015 could be fulfilled!

Hell yeah, the stuff heard so far has been really strong. Even seems to have a string of Nier (Okabe crew) elements especially in the vox.

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This comes out today!!!

I did not get my copy in the mail today.

It is the insert credit game with Brandon, Persona, Kinuko, and Matthew Kumar so I really hope I like it.

I was only pissing around with Destiny 'til this came out so

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Not to be that guy, but any word on the Switch release date? Just because I know me and anything vaguely JRPG.

Looking forward to diving in later tonight. Read a couple places the PS4 versions got some hiccups, I’d assume the pc not too much.

Seems an unfortunate trend of Switch ports being a bit bumpier.

matthew kumar was on insert credit that makes a lot of sense