I went through the US PS3 all games collum and made this text dump

Oh god why is it all double spaces I am sorry put it behind a jump mods feel free to categorize clean this up if you have 2 hours.

EDIT: now readable.


1001 spikes vita

A boy and his blob
Akiba’s beat
Akiba’s strip
Alien isolation
American mensa academy
Anarchy reigns (dead multi?)
Another world
Arcana heart love max
Armored core ps1
Ac verdict day
Army of two devil’s cartel
Art camion sugorokuden (ps1 sim)
Atari flashback classics
Atelier series games
AssCree series games
Axiom verge

Back in 1995 vita
Back to the future telltale
Batman games
Berserk Musou
Beyond Good and Evil
Binary Domain
Black Knight Sword
Black Rock Shooter The Game psp vita
Bladestorm series
BlazBlue series
Bloodstained Curse of the Moon vita
Brandish psp

CoD Games
Capcom Arcade Cabinet
Capcom Fighting Evolution
Carnage Heart EXA
Castle of Illusion
Castle of Shikigami
Castlevania Harmony of Despair
Castlevania Lament of Innoncence
CV Lords of Shadow 2 only
Cell Damage HD
Chaos Code
Chaos;Child vita
Choplifter HD
Chrono Cross
Clandun series psp vita
Class of Heroes Hi Ireland
Contra Shattered Soldier
Criminal Girls vita
Croixleur Sigma vita
Crypt of necrodancer vita
Crysis series
Cursed Castilla vita
Curses N Chaos
Cyberbots ps1

Damacus Gear Vita
Danganronpa 1-2-v3
Darius Burst CS vita
Darkstalkers Resurection
Datura (tree molester)
Day of the tentacle
Daytona USA
Deadly Premonition DC
Dead or Alive 4-5
Dead Rising 2 off the record only
Deception IV ps3
Deception IV vita
Demon’s Souls
Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax
Deus Ex Human Revolution
DMC Collection
Dezamon Kids PS3
Digimon Story Cyber slueth vita (nakano broadway)
Disgaea series
Epic Mickey
Don Bradman Cricket 14
Double Dragon Neon
Dragon Quesr Builders
dragon’s Crown
Drakengard 3
Drive Girls vita
Ducktales Remastered
Duke Nukem 3d megaton edition
DnD Chronicles of Mystara
Dynasty Warriors a lot

Earth Defense Force a lot
Eat Lead The Return of Max Hazard
Echo Night
Elevator Action Deluxe
Elminate Original psp
Enslaved (this game sucks)
Ethan Meteor Hunter (look at this lol)
Everybody Dance
Everybody Sing

Fading Shadows psp
Far Cry 2
FC Blood Dragon
Fast Draw Showdown
Fast striker vita
Fatal Frame 1-2-3 ps2
Fat Princess
Fighting Vipers
Final Fantasy lots psp/vita/ps1
Finger Flash ps1
Fists of the North Star 2 Musou
Flow (this game blowssss)
Freedom Wars
From Dust (Chahi!)
Full Throttle

(Hey everyday shooter wasn’t on this list)

Gal Gun vita
Garou vita
Geometry Wars 3
Giana Sisters
Grandia 3
GTA series
Gravity Rush Vita
Grim Fandango
Guilty Gear Xrd (huh!)
Gunhouse Hi Brandon

Hakuoki (supposedly good otome)
Hamilton’s Great Adventure
Harvest Moon series
Hatoful Boyfriend
Hatsune Miku Project Diva series
Herc’s Adventures
Heroine Dream 2 (untranslated dating sim??)
Hitman old series
Home: A Unique Horror Adventure
Hotline Miami 1 and 2
Hot Shots Golf series
Hyper Crazy Climber
Hyperdimension whatever

(No Gran Turismo?)

I Am Alive
Iconoclasts vita
Infamous Festival of Blood (this game corruped my harddrive lol)


Jak and Daxter get the ps4 versions
Jet Set Radio
Jimmie Johnson’s Anyrhing with a Motor
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle (is this the first or second one??)
Jurassic Park Telltale

Kane and Lynch Dead Men
Kane and Lynch Dog Days
Katamari Damacy
Kessen 2 and 3
Killer Is Dead
King’s Quest remake
Klonoa ps1
Knytt Underground

La Pucelle Tactics ps2
Legend of Dragoon ps1
Legend od Heroes Tales in the Sky SC vita
LEGO games
Let’s Fish Hooked On vita
Lightning Returns
LittleBigPlanet series
London Detective Mysteria
Lost Planet 3 only


Mad Dog McGree
Malicious Rebirth vita
Mamorukun Curse
Manhunt ps2
Mass Effect series
Maximo series ps2
Max Payne 3
Megaman PS1 various
Mercenary Kings vita
Metal Gear Rising Revengence
Metal Gear 1-2-3-4-V-GZ-PW
Metal Slug 3
Mighty 9
Mind Zero vita
Mirror’s Edge
Monster World IV
Muramasa Rebirth vita
Murdered Soul Suspect
Muv Luv Vita

Namco Museum 1-5 ps1
Natural Doctrine
Never Alone
new adventure Island
NFL Blitz
Nights Into Dreams
Night Trap
Ninja Gaiden series
Ni no Kuni
Nitroblasters Heroines Infinite
Nuclear Throne vita

Octodad vita
Oddworld various
Odin Sphere leudthaaia
Odin Sphere ps2
Okami HD
Olliolli 1-2
Oreshika tainted bloodlines

Pacman and the ghostly adventures
Pacman CE DX
Papa and yo
Period Cube ~shackles of amadeus~
Persona 4 Arena
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
Persona 4 The Golden Vita
Persona 5 ps3
Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds vita
Pier Solar
Playstation All-Atars Battle Royale
Portal 2 (remember steam on ps3?)
Prince of Persia 2008
Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands

Qbert Rebooted
Quantum Conundrum (someone likes this probably)
Quantum Theory

Raiden IV Overkill
Rapid Angel ps1
Ratchet and Clank series
Ray Gigant vita (!)
Red Dead Redemption
Remember Me
Resident Evil series
Resonance of Fate
Retro City Rampage
River City Super Sports Challenge
Rock of Ages
Romancing Saga 2-3 vita
Rygar ps2


Saint’s Row series
Sayonara Umihara Kawase vita
Secret of Mana vita
sega bass fishing
Sega Vintage Collections
Senran Kagura vita
Shadow of the Collosus
Shadow Tower
Shakedown Hawaii ps3/vita
SMT series
Shinobi ps2
Shiren vita
shovel knight
Sine mora
Skullgirls series
Sly cooper series
Sonic Adventure 1-2
Sonic All Star Racers Transformed
Sonic The Fighters
Soul Calibur 2
Sound Shapes
Space Channel 5 Part 2 (unplayable?)
Splelunker HD
Stardew valley vita
Stealth Inc
Steamworld dig 1-2
Street Fighter x Tekken
Street Fighter series
Strider remake
Strider 2 ps1
Suikoden 1-4
Super Meat Boy
Super Stardust Delta
Sweet Fuse At Your Side (with Inafune)
Syberia series

Tales of various
Tearaway vita
Tekken Tag Tournament
The Bard’s Tale Remastered vita
The Evil Within
The Firemen ps1
The House of Fate Morgana vita
House od the Dead 3 and 4
King of Fighters XIII
Legends of Heroes series vita
The Red Star ps2
Unfinished Swan
Timespjnner vita
Tomba 1-2 ps1
Tom Clancy Splinter Cell HD Trilogy
Touch My Katamari vita
Twisted Metal series

Ultracore vita
Under Knight In birth
Undertale vita

VAhalla vita
Vib Ribbon ps1
Virtua Fighter 2
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

Way of the Samurai 4
Way of the Dogg
Winback ps2
World of final fantasy vita

Xenocrisis vita

Yakuza 4-5
Yakuza Dead Souls
Ys series vita

Zero escape series vita
Zone of enders HD Collection


Now I can type normally and not full of fear. I am on my iphone se not a lot of room on that thing to fix stuff.

Clearly a lot of things are missing on that liat and I know they are on the store. Okay going to play something my fingers are tired.

lol Way of the Dogg is a real game I had no clue existed

I was going to ask if Way of the Samurai 4 is Actually Good if you (like me) thought that the first one is Hella Good?? I bought it on sale on Steam and haven’t tried it yet. I mean I could just play it but I’d rather have a conversation, you know?

Wow definitely a pile of games missing from the all games list.

They removed the categories for ps1 and ps2 classics! You can’t find shit.

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neither is

space invaders infinity gene
Noby Noby Boy
Siren Blood Curse/New Translation
Mortal Kombat Collection
Under Defeat

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I’ll be honest I always meant to play a different Way of Samurai game then didn’t. Probably pretty good.

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Time and Eternity was delisted at some point.

are there more than 2 of the fighting fantasy psp games? there’s only two listed on pkgj on my vita

time and eternity is the rpg that people said was like a saturn game, right?

jjba all star battle is the first one, eyes of heaven is the second

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By fighting fantasy do you mean Final?

There is 1, 2, 4after years, Tactics at least.

There’s like 60 bucks of Drakengard DLC.

no, fighting

which i thought i saw in your list, but i guess i mistook final fantasy for it


but the two fighting fantasy games available on vita are minis, so should theoretically be avaialble on ps3 too



Under Defeat was delisted in October?

Probably going to work on the Japanese store and it’s 800 PS1 games tonight.

I went through the US PS1 and PS2 on PSN games list and tried to write down the ones I may want to try at some point, as most are $5.99 and that’s likely cheaper than the discs are ever gonna be again. I will C&P it here because why not it’s like 15 seconds of work:


Legacy of Kain: Blood omen
Jumping Flash
MGS VR Missions
Parasite Eve
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 3
Shadow Tower
Strider 2
Tomba 1
Tomba 2
Vib Ribbon


Neo Contra
Rise of the Kasai
SMT: Nocturne

Know that I wrote down Nocturne just for the collective you of SB, even though it is a 50-80 jrpg which would be my own personal hell.


Before I get to J-Store tonight worth noting SNK put everything they released on PS1-2 up there.

Vib Ribbon, like Um Jammy Lammy, is in my opinion unplayable due to the delay introduced from bluetooth/PS3/LCD monitor


do i have to have harddrive space for the things i want to check out or will i be able to still download shit

For now they are saying that you will still be able to redownload old purchases through your download list indefinitely (which of course can be a real pain to navigate if you’ve made a lot of purchases since you can’t filter it). That is a big “For now” of course.

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I have both of these and yes, they are both playable on PS3. I actually think only The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is downloadable on vita. Both should be playable on PSP though.

did they fix the thing where when your internal clock battery dies you can’t download games anymore? the ps3 uses that to authenticate so when it dies your games do too. its really REALLY pointless to buy ps3 games digitially hoping to keep them forever if so

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