I Have No Mouth But I Must Game Stream (Google Stadia)

Essentially, centralized game streaming service using Google’s cloud infrastructure so you never own a game again. As long as you’re in a place with solid internet service (not here!) you can play what you want in seconds.

I don’t like it.

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This dark cyberpunk future I was promised in the 90s is just all wrong. No cool aesthetics and no one has any sense of fashion. I don’t even have a cool leather jacket.


personally, i’m still rooting for the intellivision amico

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I miss the Ouya.


whoah, that’s a brave sequence of words


it’s so wild though that like, if that had maybe just come about a few years later, it might’ve been a goer

eh, there’s been a steady stream of companies who think ‘Android games box’ is a business plan ever since and not a single one has amounted to a




I played the Project Stream thing and gave them feedback

allow me to apologize for helping create our streaming hellscape

my take on it was it’s nice and if I was heavy into single player stuff and didn’t have a gaemin peesee or care to maintain one, yeah, it’s neat, but since I do, it’s just a curiosity and also I don’t want to play Doom Eternal over it (AC:O was like, the perfect test title for it because it’s paced just so as to allow for spikes in latency)

my main point of contention with all streaming video is that streamed content doesn’t look as good as a local version, be it a game on my system of choice or a movie on a bluray (ALSO I DEMAND WHEN I WATCH A MOVIE THAT IT BE PROPERLY BE SHOWN AT 23.976 FPS AND)


oh yeah

although we noticed that the menu cursor appeared to be a thin layer for extra responsiveness – maybe even drawing the cursor alone using HTML? It felt noticeably different than in-game response, and would be a neat trick if it could scale to other light input tasks.

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honestly, as a streaming service thing, the Shadow setup seems neat since it gives you a literal virtual PC in the cloud and not just bespoke apps and you can do whatever you want but also that’s 30 bucks a month so

Yeah, bandwidth limits would finish me within 30 hours. 4 hrs a day = Just over a week before my plug is pulled.

a surveying method for determination of distances and differences of elevation by means of a telescopic instrument having two horizontal lines through which the marks on a graduated rod are observed

Why do they let nerds name products?

also : the instrument or rod

Oh come on


I find it kind of weird that they’re trumpeting Doom Eternal at 4k60 with HDR like the game is going to be tons heavier than Doom 2k16

you can literally buy a GPU that runs Doom at 4k60 for under 250 bucks now

also did I point out that playing Doom Eternal streamed sounds like a bad time

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Stadia sounds like the worst word that starts with an s that exists, how did they think this would be a good idea.

Anyway, I posted that Doom Eternal news in the nu-doom thread, mostly because I thought wow, this thing has a name now? So I’m glad there’s a thread about it now where I can talk shit about it. And its name.

I personally use desktop streaming at least 4 days out of the week and half of that is gaming, half of it is game developing. It means I don’t have to install everything I need on my girlfriend’s laptop. It couldn’t run most of what I need, anyway. That said, not even I am excited about the streaming future.

Because yeah, it doesn’t look as good as doing it live

I’m on welfare and even I can afford a middle of the line gaming PC every five years, it’s not that hard

The only things that could get me to use this are:

It plays all games. So, I can finally play Playstation games without a Playstation because Google is kindly providing one. This is obviously not going to happen

It has games that were directly developed for it and they need so much Power Of The Cloud that no consumer PC could provide it. This would truly be exciting! I want that to happen. At the same time it would also make me really sad because like it was said, the games don’t look as good streamed and they’re not as responsive. This is probably also not going to happen any time soon?

But yeah, games look just about as good as Crysis did back in the day and I don’t know what could provide another huge jump in graphical fidelity and AI if not something like this??

This is honestly the future I want though!

Just, like, with everything being free and open source and stuff like that instead of controlled by mega corporations


I too want to live the While We’re Young life where I try to downsize and Adam Driver tries to ruin my marriage

ray tracing, probably. but it’s not gonna happen in ps5/xbox XXX, so that’ll probably be niche for a long time yet

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this thread is doing a disservice not including this video btw:

now, “overproduced and vulgar” is the advertisement aesthetic sensibility du jour, but christ, does it get worse than this? they watched everything microsoft has ever made and decided “almost, but not quite”