I have just modded my Wii

and I went to the Wiki to get some wiiware recommendations and found this:


so uh… any recs? It’s even still Wednesday here.

Oh I see it is at the bottom of the Retail list:

And Yet It Moves
ANIMA: Ark Of Sinners
Art of Balance
Bubble Bobble Plus
Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth - forum thread
Contra ReBirth
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
Lost Winds 2
Maboshi’s Arcade
Mega Man 9
Muscle March
Swords and Soldiers
Tomena Sanner
World of Goo
You, Me, and the Cubes

Man and yet it moves is terrible.

Muscle March made me smile but only has about 10 min of game.
My housemate is now playing My Life as a King and it looks like menu hell but she is loving waving at all the soldiers.

I don’t really get And Yet It Moves either.

The wiiware situation was pretty lacking, I don’t know if I ever found anything that was more than a curiosity.

Art Style: CUBELLO is really nice, though.

vaguely remember muscle march having massive input lag or something

And yet it moves was cool back when it was the only indie game, it has aged very badly. I hacked my wii a while ago and played some wiiware.

warioware showcase is cool, especially if you have DIY.
bonsai barber is cute but hurts your wrist quickly.
let’s catch is an interesting idea but not a very engaging game.
dr mario is dr mario so it is cool plus has some new modes including a co op one
tetris party is a pretty good tetris game and has some cool modes like co-op and one where you help a little dude get around. also you can play it with the balance board??
megaman 9/10 are worth checking out if you like those games and dont have them elsewhere
lost winds is fun and interesting enough but nothing amazing. worth checking out
excitebike doesnt have local multiplayer so is worthless
cave story is cave story

I was supposed to play more but moved onto other things. Let us know if you find other cool games.

I liked FF My life as a king. Squeenix making a dungeon party manager was kinda cool…

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Gradius ReBirth is pretty damn tight.

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castlevania rebirth feels good, has great music, and good level design despite scooby-dooesque sound effects. after beating the first level make sure you set controls to “classic” or whatever.

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I was really into Water Warfare for a moment. It’s the only time Wii remote FPS controls clicked for me.

I never understood why the Wii FPSes controlled so shitty. You should have had strafe and look on the nunchuck and all the fine aiming should happen in your right hand. Movement in your less dominant hand and fine actions in your dominant hand. That’s how it should all work, but it never did, and it’s really kind of frustrating.

Maybe I don’t understand the accelerometer correctly, but with the joystick and tilt sensor you should’ve been able to read fine movement and rough general direction stuff. Z and C could do jumping/crouching as well.

Also, most FPSes and shit used A to shoot? Wtf?

What a wasted console.

Dangerous to put any direction-based stuff on the nunchuk because gyroscopes get off-kilter all the time; the remote has the IR sensor to automatically re-calibrate, but you’d have to make the user press a button to re-calibrate the nunchuk if you wanted to aim with it.

So yeah, you’re pretty much stuck with ‘screen center to move cursor’, ‘screen edges to pan’ which is not unlike how mouse games work, but the ‘center point’ is harder to find with the remote than with a mouse. With a mouse, you eventually learn ‘X cm in reverse direction to reach center of screen from edge’, but for some reason it seems more difficult to learn how to center your wrist angle. Maybe it’s just more difficult and requires finer motor control.

Then of course there’s all the noise they have to compensate for (and it always felt real laggy) due to optical interference, shaky wrists, etc.

The Wii remote was great as a shooting gallery pointer. It bought 4 controllers and 4 adapters that turned them into pistols. Then I akimboed the fuck out of Ghost Squad.

But that left hand was gimped to hell.

Maybe NES Smash TV it with 2 Wiimotes? I dunno. It just makes a lot of sense to me to put an analog stick on top of a joystick for at least rough look plus strafe controls.

There might be some neat things you could do with two remotes but right there you’re designing for a much smaller market.

I don’t have personal experience with the Sony wiimotes but I think they work this way. I think by then they knew ‘hardcore shooter’ wasn’t their market so they didn’t fund anything like that.

Shooting in VR using the Vive wands works pretty well, though! It’s probably what you thought the Wii would be like when you first saw it, with the added advantage of getting ‘peering’ right – you can peer through scopes, peer around a corner, lean forward to peer a little more. Aside from some long-range shooting in games like PROJECT I.G.I. (I’m Going In!), it’s a unique experience to vidcon shoot at things at the edge of your perception.

That Quake port allowed one to use the Wiimote as an absolute positioning device. You had to hold a button to “pick up the mouse”. That was super quick and super accurate and way better than any other console FPS I ever played. I don’t think any commercial Wii FPS ever used that layout though.

There was also that one FPS that looked like a cheap 3D Elevator Action in which one could look left and right with the d-pad (it was basically Doom, you could not look up or down) and move with the Nunchuck, so the Wiimote was free to act as a light gun. That worked fine for me too. It reminded me of playing Time Crisis 4’s FPS mode (which has my second favorite console FPS controls.)

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I’d maybe play the original Lost Winds over its sequel

can you emulate the wii e-shop games? (edit: apparently so)

I love my modded Wii, still have it hooked up and is my main 2D emulation box. Played Earthbound & Mother 3 on it with the classic controller and it was a dream. Would be sad if it crapped out.

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Now we can all play the Konami Rebirth games to our hearts content.

Not sure how you’d even legally buy them.

With a modded wii you definitely should play the SNES Lightgun games.

I guess I could use this thread to say I have a modded wii to sell?