i got brown noted by the destiny loading screen when i had e coli

the rat king thing isn’t confirmed, i think it’s just having finished all the world quests on titan, where the quest starts

the mission you do at the end looks huge and totally wild

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This is correct! My b!

FWIW there is a good reason for requiring those world quests.

Don’t worry, my brief delight at Rat King being useful was ironically shut down by realizing that I did the Titan world quest on my alt.

It was fun to do again, though, and it reminded me Mithrax is Mithrax, the Forsaken.

I love everything to do with this quest, from the poems to the music to cashing :clap: in :clap: those :clap: checks :clap:. They narratively set this stuff up 20 months ago. In year 3 I want the Neo-Devils to offer Failsafe a new (SIVA) body and worship her as their god like Ewoks and C-3PO.

The mission is incredible, like, better than Whisper. I yelled “fuck yes” and pumped my fist in the air at Mithrax decloaking to jump a guy.

The nanites from the new gun work between coop allies like Malfeasance slugs.

Thank god this came along because Broadsword is extremely difficult to use and it’s making me feel bad about my fucken inflamed wrist/fingers/etc. If Breakneck is an automatic transmission (I think of Toad’s movement speed in Super Mario 3D World), Broadsword is a manual with a finicky clutch.

i guess i will be admiring this thing from afar until i overcome the anxiety of finding two randos to complete it with

OP is good and also in a way a successor to Rat King. It’s amazing if two or more people have it and you’re calling targets to focus fire.

New raid is called Crown of Sorrow and this week is the last lore entry from the Queen’s Court. The raid is going to come out at 715 recommended on 6/4 and I might actually be in a spot to do it. I joked that I’ll have to grind my friends’ accounts that sat out Season of the Drifter ;_;

Destiny is the only game I can think of where the answer to

“I know he’s coming, I know WHERE he’ll be coming from, he doesn’t know I’m here, I’m already aiming at where he’ll appear, and I’m invisible. Who will win?”

is a great big /shruggo


All of the changes for Crown of Sorrow on Day 1 are great and I would absolutely do it, but two of my regular raid-friends have completely sat out this season. There is a catch-up quest that unlocks the raid and also gives ALL of your characters level 690 gear, so it’s even more generous than this last catch-up one.

Not to mention a raid called “Crown of Sorrow” after we have the Truth to Power book finished feels like something has to happen.

Gambit is very fun with everyone in the armor sets and communicating. They should make a sort of trial mode that just gives you the armor set and a few guns to pick from.

I watched the Arena Cup because Byf commentated it and I have a soft spot for him as an English doppelganger of my brother.

I really dig it and it’s the first kind of mechanically-stringent game mode that I’ve ever gotten in to.

Team Datto’s Mom

I haven’t been following anything w.r.t. Season of Opulence but I guess in two weeks we might find out if Destiny 3 is happening this year and if it’ll be the Bob Dylan of Video Games

D3 is almost certainly a 2020 or later release. If we take the light wave cutscene from vanilla D2 as a roadmap (Mercury, Mars, Reef, Dreadnaught, Tetrahedrons), this fall is probably a Rise of Iron-size expansion returning to the Dreadnaught.

In 2021 the mea culpa expansion for D3 is going to be great.

It’s like poetry. It rhymes.

i’m out for now, season of opulence doesn’t interest me much. not like i’d be able to do any of the interesting content anyhow.

The catch-up quest tomorrow gets you to 690 if that’s the barrier. If you’re talking about getting six people for a raid… yeah. I’m sitting at four regulars (plus me) I can call on for PC and I’m loathe to LFG because you can’t count on the average player to not be shitty about GNC people. I did come across a clan called Feminist War Cult in Crucible the other day, though.

(If anyone on PC either needs people to round out a team, tackle Zero Hour, etc. hmu!)

I dunno if I should keep posting stuff here? We truly are in a bizarro world for selectbutton destiny threads when I’m enthralled by myself.

Modern Warfare is on battle.net and has cross-play between PC and console… :crossed_fingers:

Please do, this game still fascinates me even though I haven’t played it in months and don’t intend to return to it for quite a while

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yeah same

it’s a pipe dream but deej please announce cross platform pve

This would bring me back so fast.

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please keep posting! i do like keeping up with the game even when i’m not playing.

i made it to max light this past season. i needed two more strikes for service revolver, but i couldn’t even get myself to turn on the ps4 for that.

still sad I spent all my reputation tokens and planetary mats before I knew I had to get the triumph to unlock it in my loot pool :frowning:

I think the main takeaway I have from getting Redrix (pls buff thank you) and doing three infamy resets this season is that they need to reign in the sandbox. Nothing is as broken as Taken Armaments mods in gambit giving you a full mag for Hammerhead from killing a goblin with a grenade.

Gambit Prime should be much more structured. No one grinds the gear, so the role communication is shot. It’s frustrating to be denied an invasion when you have the perk that closes their bank, but I can’t begrudge them not going into the Reckoning with one-hit melee knights.

The Opulence map says Gambit “free to all” and hopefully that means all like it’s a F2P mode. It would be great if built into its own class-based gateway game.

Armsmaster sucks for prestige raids, but I think it would be great in crucible. Rather than make people hate you for using grenade launchers instead of Hammerhead, make everyone use an idiosyncratic loadout sometimes. It’d give the PvP folks reason to go into PvE again, too.

In other news, good lord is this horrifying:


The real endgame is incidentally syncing dances to music for comedic effect


huge if true

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