i got brown noted by the destiny loading screen when i had e coli

Destiny 2 is coming out on September 6th (but in late October for PC).

There is going to be an open beta for it this week (but in August for PC).

Destiny 1 left a lot to be desired. It had a shell of a story. This was later “improved” in subsequent expansions to having a story, if by having a story you mean a few cut-scenes and someone talking over the sound of you killing things. The game’s design feels over-complicated by the trend of entertainment products as all-consuming services, setting you on a trail of tedious checklists in pursuit of a “reward” (usually a new gun). In fact, every “activity” (as the game calls them) lists the kind of “rewards” you’ll receive by doing it. Part of me groans at this and longs for a time when, hey, maybe playing the game itself was the “reward”.

But that was Destiny 1’s single merit. I kept coming back to it, because playing it felt damn solid. Enemies die perfect deaths with animations that are so meticulously crafted that seeing your hundredth fallen head-shot kill is just as satisfying as the first. A precision-kill on a cabal soldier is followed by a hiss and pop as it’s helmet de-pressurizes and flies into the air, carrying literally the exact same exhilaration as cracking open a cold one with whatever boys you have handy. The haptics on the controller rumble feel really good. The guns have a satisfying weight, sound fantastic, and the whole simulation is full of a thick, rich physicality. The engineering is solid, the potential is there for something great.

This isn’t even mentioning the raids, which were by far the most enjoyable activity in Destiny 1. I had played Final Fantasy 14 a few years ago and got into raiding, but I stopped because the game-feel was paper-thin. Enemies had no collision, you’d walk right through them to dodge attacks. It was an active-time spreadsheet, but boy did it feel fun complete a challenging task as part of a network of people in cooperation. What if they dropped these mechanics into something I actually enjoyed playing! That’s what a raid in Destiny feels like, and it’s pretty fun (usually)!

But hey, Destiny 2! It looks a lot like Destiny 1 with tweaks. We still don’t know a whole lot about it, other than Bungie proudly proclaiming it has things like “NPCs” and “Side-Quests”, as if those were things they had invented and were doing for the first time. The zones are bigger, guns no longer have random rolls on them, and the PvP has been slowed down with abilities dampened to make it rely a lot more on teamwork and gun-skill.

It could be cool! It will at least be fun to play. Feel free to join us!

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I liked Destiny, it’s like Phantasy Star Online with Guns. That is how it felt to me at least.

I will probably jump in the game once it comes out but I probably skip the beta.

I’m going to see how much froth there is for the PC version before I decide to buy it. I’d love to have a regular group of people to play this game with (on PC) since I heard that’s the way to go.

I think Persona said that in the original Destiny thread on old SB and that’s what sold me on it in the first place.

didn’t PSO have guns tho?

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Oh yeah, that’s a great description of Destiny that I keep forgetting. It’s very much a Western take on PSO, a game that I played for 70 hours offline (my parents weren’t keen on getting a second phone line for internet use).

If only destiny had pictochat, or whatever that feature was called.

Yeah, let me know when the PC version is out there and I’ll look into it.

yeah i’m going to give the pc version a look, expecting it to be the platform for pvp/trials but might be burned out on raiding from the console version by the time it comes out

hoping i won’t need a title change

Oh man, maybe if all the tryhards go to PC, console scrubs like me will have a chance at Trials again!!!

I would say PS4 is still the canonical platform for Destiny for two reasons:

  • PS4 gets exclusive missions, maps, and weapons which are held back from other platforms until they are long irrelevant. These can be very hit (Hawkmoon) or miss (unpopular strikes and questionably designed maps) depending on the year. Given how limited most Destiny expansions have been in scope, I would rather just get the version with the most stuff.
  • A lot of what makes Destiny so great to play is how it feels and controls on a controller. If the guns in this game didn’t feel so satisfying to shoot, we would have jumped ship long ago, but we keep coming back to it and realizing how much better it feels than any other shooter out there. How does that translate to mouse and keyboard? Obviously none of us have played it so we can’t say authoritatively, but I think it’s much harder to get that feel to come across with 1:1 mouse tracking than it is when you’re impaired by control sticks. You can still play Destiny on PC with a controller, but I don’t expect many will, and doing so would immediately put you at a disadvantage against the majority of players in PvP.

I realize telling PC players their version isn’t going to be the best is always going to be an unpopular opinion, but Bungie is a company known for making shooters great on consoles, and by playing the PC version, you’re shutting yourself out from that entire aspect of the game.

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keyboard and mouse shooting has never been for me, but i don’t think the exclusive content necessarily makes it the best version. i’m sure a lot of people would rather have 60-120fps and scoff at having to play with a controller.

i’m very interested in seeing how Destiny PC does with some PC gamers being as demanding and fickle as they are. They could all decide they hate the game for some reason and it’s dead in a week. Titanfall 2 rules, but it’s dead on PC yet player counts are still healthy on console.

That’s the one thing I don’t get about the PC platform, and I know this is a generalization, but the PCMR guys all boast about having the superior hardware experience yet at the end of the day most of them just seem to use their rigs to play CSGO at the lowest settings (so they can have 300 fps).

if you thought kids DDOSing and message spamming to win a trials match was bad, i’m sure the lot of them are licking their lips at the prospect of all the lovely new tools at their disposal on PC! hope bungie is ready for that stuff.

anyway, i think the best version is whichever one you want to play on.

Given Blizzard’s track record on Overwatch so far, it doesn’t look promising.

Well, no PS4, so I’m locked out by default. Better something than nothing

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Yeah, but it wasn’t a gun game. Using guns in PSO was like using a magic spell. Destiny is got dem really good feeling guns. Good ole’ western designed space guns.

I am hoping this game is as good as the first one but for some reason I feel like it won’t be. No reason for it just my gut feeling.

i’m gonna be playing on PC mostly because of my personal environment, where my current 1080p monitor is shit and is impossible to color correct, and my 1440p monitor is great and is always hooked up to my PC. i’d rather have the game look good than like total shit on this blasted old lcd monitor.

also refresh rate. even Halo prioritized a 60 fps refresh rate in its latest iteration. i do really enjoy the gunplay in Destiny, and I think it feels great on controller, but with every other major shooter out there hitting 60 fps (Overwatch, BO3, R6: Siege, arguably Battlefield – and in singleplayer, there’s Wolfenstein and DOOM (so like, legitimately the best shooters from the past few years)) it’s always so painful going back to Destiny. happy to no longer have that as a compromise.

I want to play on PC for higher, consistent framerates, and because if I’m going to have to use third-party tools for voice chat in groups, etc., I’d rather use them on the same machine rather than having to multibox somehow. Preserving my wrist means I’ll be playing on a gamepad either way, and the Xbone pad I got for my PC is a notch above the Dualshock 4. So unless they do something idiotic like remove controller support from the PC version, that’ll be The One To Get for me.

You know the PS4 just has party chat built in, right? As does Destiny itself (though the PS4 chat is better)? I am not sure what you are saying here. I mean, unless you want to use third party chat programs I guess. You can’t do that on the PS4, but I have no idea why you would do that.

I’m betting PC Destiny dies in under a month, honestly. The PC FPS crowd is so fickle.

…I’m not sure how I forgot that party chat exists, you’re right. I’m going to blame Nintendo.


It’s cool, it just made me very ??? because I spent a lot of time in Destiny 1 chatting with people, and I was like “did I do that?” for a second.

And yeah, srsly Nintendo, what are you still doing.

play PS4 Titanfall with me y’all.

i’m grabbing this on PC, becuase ps4 gives me gas.