Destiny Come On Already

Count me in for PC but I don’t think I’ll have time to do raids outside of special occasions.

can someone explain the Leslie Chambers thing to me?

it’s okay if this outs me as a cultural dunce – i have never understood what makes this special

as stated i’ll be playing this on PC

Shortly following the release of The Taken King, we were one or two people short to do a raid and we jumped into Crucible. Someone noticed that one of the players had their full name as their handle, which is pretty rare. That person was LeslieChambers. They also happened to be carrying their team pretty hard.

† Worship Leslie Chambers †

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re: someone asking about nightstalker:

if you’ve entered a beta promo code from amazon or wherever on, have a look in the codes section and there’s a platform selection thing now that’ll generate a psn store code for the client

Here’s the beta download link for PS4. It’s 12gb.

I have been listening to the beta title screen music for at least 10 minutes and it hasn’t looped yet.

12 gigs of title screen score


since this thread goes all the way back to the Taken King, i figured we could use a fresh start with the D2 beta coming this week?

feel free to post your grievances in the destiny 2 thread.

i picked up a copy of destiny for $3 cause i never played it and i’m a big rube who wants to play some of it solo. i got it on 360 i’m alteredgenos on there. leaning towards a warlock

warlock best jump don’t @ me


i started downloading the updates at 7:00 to start playing destiny. you know first the system update, then the game update, then it said it needed more files and that it ‘might take some time’. well 4 hours later at 11:00 apparently I don’t have enough space on a empty harddrive to play the disc that’s sitting in the tray. i have been Owned. i bought a headset and the gold and i’m just sitting here like, wow


the first time i was Owned was in 2014, i got the game but my 360 didn’t like the taste of it. older games would play fine but after around odst maybe 2/3rds of newer discs would spin out of alignment and make a sound like a weed whacker eating gravel. so it was no luck on that one. so i’m double owned and i’ve never played destiny, i don’t want to think about what kind of design might finish me off if i ever do.

just feel like refunding all this stuff, man. can’t do much but reflect on how much bungie has owned me over the years


Pwned you got, young Jedi

Consoles becoming more like PCs sure had its downsides. Trying to enjoy the Destiny series sure had its downsides too, always

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On 360 I had to let it start downloading, exit to the dashboard and wait for it to finish under “active downloads,” then start the game again and repeat. One file at a time.

i had an empty 20GB harddrive. it didn’t tell me that there wasn’t going to be enough space until it started downloading the last one. i found out that it’s possible to put part of the game on a flash drive, so i looked up that stuff for a couple hours and i went out and bought one. which is upsetting, cause this is getting to be more money than i wanted to sink into this.

but i got it working with hopefully the last content update on usb. i’m rolling on 360 now after all this time, i’m excited

i wasn’t planning on doing online stuff at this point, i just always wanted to run through that concept art of earth and mars and venus. it’s nice, i haven’t played an aaa game since 2010 or so, so i’m enjoying it. the grimoire is really good.

there seems to be more people then i would have thought still playing this, i went to the fallen strike on earth for the story mode and i got matched into a game within like 30 seconds

See above, hit me up on Steam if you’re interested. I’m reasonably OK at videogames and can follow instructions so it shouldn’t be too much of a carry (although I dunno what the power requirements are)

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It’s ok DJ I still wanna raid