I can't believe today was a good play (Games you played today)


It’s not possible, also because of season-dependent fish and also spring and summer seeds that become available in year 2. The community center speedrun has a whole lot of speed-sleeping.


I’ve been playing Creepy Castle on and off. Well, just two sessions so far spaced a couple weeks apart. I like the game’s style, but I keep feeling as if I might get stuck permanently if I’m not careful. I don’t know whether that’s really the case, though.

Someone in this discussion I stumbled upon the other day says that it gets better as you go along, and I am curious to see how.


Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a fun little Tactics Babby. I am big babby so it’s perfect for me

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I found red cabbage seeds at the traveling cart so that truffle is my only major obstacle. I even remember seeing it at the cart but I couldn’t afford it at the time.

I think all the fish you can get the first year? I didn’t buy any and all I have left is the sturgeon which you can get in the winter and the one you get in the desert any time

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yeah, that’s the best way to deal with them. though sometimes they’re just plain in the way. other times you’re stuck with them imagine fighting the grub mother or w/e the first boss is and you beat her and then she explodes into all sorts of enemies, for instance. it’s fun


Hopped back into Black Ops 4 for the first time in… months? Since December?

Anyway now everyone is neon colors and of course nobody is playing the DLC/season pass maps I decided to jump in on, cool cool.

It’s still pretty good, though.

Also played some more Samurai Shodown. It’s clicking with me a lot more than Soul Calibur VI did.

I mean, different kind of game, but as sword folks swingin’ goes, SamSho is a lot more fun?

I dunno how “pretty much the original Soul Calibur minus a character or two, and it looks better” wound up being one of my bigger disappointments from last year, but, well!

SamSho, though! I still need to learn a lot of the mechanics, but once I understood that it’s a bit more, uh, methodical than The Last Blade 2,* and how important parries and deflects and counters were, the better I got into it.

So yeah! Fun game.

*My intro to Samurai Shodown was playing SamSho 2 at a Pizza Hut 20+ years ago, and uhhh Samurai Shodown 2 on the NGPC, and then SSV Special on PS4, so I’m still new to this wild world.

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i havent played minecraft in forever but i was talked into playing the sb server and master chief died of starvation in a hole that was labeled no toupses allowed. truly the mine craft is a wondrous maze


i played dq builders 2 for like 10 hours straight last weekend and it just makes me sad that I’m not building things or fostering community in real life. i dont wanna play anymore


i really don’t need dqb2 in my life rn, but it’s so tempting


I bought both DQB2 and Baba is You with my birthday monies. Haven’t touched DQB2 yet, but I am kinda addicted to Baba now. Baba truly is me at the moment.


after like twenty years i finally beat valis sd (sorry, syd of valis). my reward was a credit roll and ending that aren’t even localized.

don’t play this game it’s really fucking bad


The intro level on the ship in DQB2 rules so hard. Everything I’ve seen about it rules. Wish I had a PS4


Played a bit of NiGHTS Into Dreams. The PC remake includes Christmas NiGHTS, the weird bonus disc with all kinds of extra little doodads and stuff. I’m slowly working toward unlocking it, as I never actually had it on the Saturn.

NiGHTS is a favorite of mine, but it has this totally weird gameplay and scoring system that I don’t think anyone on this forum really knows much about. I’ve been wanting to try game streaming for a while. If I do, I’ll teach everyone how to play NiGHTS!


I played through inFamous over the past week and a half or so and like… don’t. It has a few nice movement options for an open worlder but it manages the nightmare combo of drab brown/grey city with a cast out of the Far Cry 3 school of “who needs a single likable character in the game?” design. Many missions take about 40% longer than they should (why do things three times when you can do them five times?) and I think 30% of the main story missions take place in identical looking sewers. The side missions actually have a decent payoff of making that section of the city less violent moving forward, but it is a decent payoff because until you do a few you are basically being shot at at all times.

I’ve been slowly picking away Super Mario 3D Land as well and that has been much more enjoyable albeit a bit on the easy side. I just reached world 8 recently and I believe I am up to 115 lives.

I also started up Stephen’s Sausage Roll today and by dumb luck the first puzzle I picked on the first island(?) seemed to be one of the hardest of the bunch, which is a terrifying way to start a puzzle game. Having to walk away from puzzle #1 to go try something else does not inspire confidence in one’s own abilities. That said I came back to it later and managed to get past it once I had a bit better grasp on the basic mechanics and now the first section is complete. Doing so unlocks an… overworld sausage(?) that I discovered some weird property of that nevertheless screwed me over and caused me to have to reset to a point where I did not do that just yet. I suspect some cruel tricks and twists are in store.


I think all the puzzles on the first island are hard starting puzzle. That game does not pull punches.


They are definitely trickier than one typically sees early on and don’t really care for teaching you anything directly, but for the most part aren’t terribly tricky (not that they are easy in the least for the most part). I just happened to pick one of the trickier ones of the bunch to start with.


I’ve been dipping my toes into a couple of puzzles games in the pack from the summer Steam sale.

Out of the ones I hadn’t played, YANKAI’S PEAK and Induction are the most interesting.

YANKAI’S PEAK, particularly, gives me strong Sausage Roll vibes (and I confirmed from the website that it’s an inspiration). A lot of initially unintuitive movements to manipulate the objects around you. Has a great aesthetic too, despite being all abstract shapes.

Induction is a time travel puzzle (which isn’t particularly unique), but the puzzles have been satisfying so far. It feels like it could go really deep into the concept, but I’ve only scratched the surface.

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turns out rocket league is still great


Things are about to go from great to amazing in 3d Land.

It’s easily my fave Mario of the past ten years. Maybe since 64.


i did a quick, impromptu stream where i played some genesis games. el viento is the worst goddamn thing.

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