I can't believe today was a good play (Games you played today)

Old thread maxed out. I’m still playing Hollow Knight but took a bit of a break.

I still want to know what vinegar the Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo exhales


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the Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo is hot garbage

yeah, as good as the game may be, trying the demo for 5 minutes put me off ever wanting to play it

why? curious

It ends halfway through the tutorial

It constrains you so hard for like 80% of it, and then lets you do so little once it “opens up”, but then it ends a couple minutes after that anyway, without even really letting you DO anything.

The DQB1 demo had you build a little town and collect a few NPCs and craft weapons and such, and you also had to fight off waves of monsters occasionally

This one is like if the DQB1 demo ended after you built your first room in that little starting town. It doesn’t even let you make chests to store your items in, and you’re stuck on an island with nothing to even explore or even anything approaching scenery diversity. It sucks so hard I’m surprised they didn’t charge for it.

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duke nukem 3d is some groovy shit. in episode 2 currently. build engine is fucking amazing stuff.


HOLLOW KNIGHT FANFICTION is in my auto correct

anyways I love to hoot and toot about that game and I’m thinking about playing the randomizers for real


my favorite thing about the enemy randomizer is that the size of the enemy is the same as the one it replaced, so sometimes this bombastic music will play and you’ll see a boss that’s very tiny


I’m terrible at Counter-Strike but I wanna make a map for it. However I feel like it would be heavily scrutinized and sit unplayed because I wouldn’t be able to design for high skill play. So I’ve been getting my ass handed to me on Competitive while I try to figure out how people actually play this beast.


Can you run past them if they’re someplace random?

In addition to all that the Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo starts you off as a slave doing the most menial fucking tasks on a real dreary slave ship.

Imagine being 8 years old and downloading this demo that looks like Minecraft But With Dragon Balls and the first thing you have to do is gather and place five torches on the deck of a rotting slave ship or else you get whipped. Would you play that for more than 2 minutes? I’d probably immediately delete the game and go do a Fortnite.

Oh yeah and then the ship crashes and you wake up on a corpse covered beach. Whenever you click on a corpse the bodies fade away and text appears saying the corpse has been swept out to sea. Human corpses. Healslime corpses. It’s some real grim shit!!

Then you meet a guy and a gal who survived and the guy suggests you put the gal “out of our misery” instead of building her a house. I didn’t listen to him. I built a house, and he helped without murdering anyone so maybe he’ll be an ok guy in the end but I worry about what he’s getting up to while I’m asleep.

It is a weird, kinda depressing game at the start but I can grow cabbage now and so I declare it a pretty neat game if you can ignore all the grim bits.


Dragon Quest relies on a surprising grimness in its plot events, which the approachable art style renders swallowable for children but does not disguise its nature for adults.

The normal games generally reserve this for the end of the first act, though. But Builders 1 started in this state, too. I suppose they feel that your actions are so progression-focused: building, creating, recruiting – that it’s harder to run setbacks through the plot?


Stardew Valley has harvested my soul, again

Currently on the way to completing the community center by spring 1, though I may yet fail for want of a single truffle

the vita is such a great way to play PS1 games that didn’t have analog sticks.


Everyone I’ve heard that’s played the full version of DQB2 says it’s a lot better than 1 in pretty much every way so I’m looking forward to it. It convinced me to dust 1 back off where I had put it down before after being annoyed by the world reset every chapter (which apparently 2 does away with, you actually have a hub city you add to at all times) and I’m really digging it. Close to the end but it’s been a lot of fun so I have high hopes for the sequel.

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I’m still dicking around in Fallout 76 and enjoying just wandering the wasteland

Dragon Quest Builders 2 rules in ways the first one never even approached. I finished the first island last night and just got back to my home island you start the game on. The main way it rules is that there is a sim-like automation element to it now. The more you build the more your villagers can do on their own, thus automating some of the stuff previously you alone had to do, and they all have a schedule. They can even build blueprints for you so I think the end game/post-game is going to be all about managing a thriving little city of your own design filled with all the people you’ve collected on your journey.

The story is very Dragon Quest and continues to follow the original trilogy but in an alternate universe. For instance, your sidekick is named Malroth and is the polar opposite of the main character. He happens to share a name with the bad guy from Dragon Quest 2. Hmmm I wonder how that’s going to play out wink wink.

The only complaint I have is that much like the first game there is a tension between the Dragon Quest part of the game and the Building part of the game. You’ll want to just go off and start building but the game constrains you in all these ways because it wants to slowly unravel itself for you and introduce everything bit by bit while doing a Dragon Quest story so you’re better off saving up all your creative energies until much later in the game where you have access to more materials and things. I didn’t put as much care into rebuilding the farm in the first area like I did the first town in the first game because I know I’ll be able to come back later with better materials and actually do the kind of job I want to do. So I’m probably just going to storm through the story as quickly as I can.