How Are You Good?


I never have and never will be good.


I am rusty as hell now and would crash and burn spectacularly, but if I had time to prepare the one game I was at one time good at was Ikaruga. I don’t know that my all time high score would put me in the top 100 players in the world but there is a chance it might, and that is pretty much the only game played by more than a hundred players where that might be true.

Pac-Man Championship Edition CE DX is another solid option as I had some rather good scores and ranks there as well, but I assume the devil would just look up the top routes and memorize them and that’d just be lame.


I am the best at driving around in GTA and not hitting any pedestrians.

I can even drive with the cinematic camera turned on.


That’s cool as hell.


In Ikaruga I know I could get like 3 credit on Normal and would just time out Boss 4? The pinwheel. Just too many chances to screw up there that just waiting out 100 seconds was the safer play.

This seems like the time my game of choice would be Deathsmiles Black Label. This thread was inspired my a non-gaming friend asking me out of the blue what video game was I best at. And I really had to consider this hobby I have had for 30 years and was not really technically profecient at in any way.


Apparently I should fight the devil in a bunch of shitty fighting games


serious reply after giving Bill&Ted the stage they deserve:

it really depends what you take as reference, doesn't it? Because there's always someone better than you, and if you assume that Monsieur Dévil at least can turn up with Worldwide #1-skills, your options are limited to what you are proven to be the best at, worldwide.

Now, if it’s just about being pretty effin ace at something where you experienced that up till now, nobody could up the ante in a significant manner due to whatever reason, and you can assume that Hellboy isn’t able to touch into #1-skills at will, then it gets more interesting, and most posters itt seem to go along that route - which i will do as well, since that’s the fun part of this question.

One thing that I have been doing for more than a decade or two by now, is driving NSXes in all kinds of driving and racing games. This traces back to some Need for Speed (2 or 1 even?) game, where they offered the NA1 NSX, and extends to the current breed of games. It is basically a reference frame for the driving physics of a game, since i have experienced so many nuances of the same car being simulated/approximated, and obviously i have spent a lot of time exploring them in each game. And by virtue of experiencing similar traits of a car across generations of games and consoles, i am goodish at driving it… which is why it is one of my bucketlist-bulletpoints to drive a real one, one day. But anyway, if it is NSX vs NSX, i do somewhat good against opponents so far. And if I’d Ioose against someone, why not at something i love doing, huh.

Next up in weird things i’ve been doing:
Super Mario Kart (SF/SNES) , Koopa-only driving.
Brother of mine basically ruled time trials timetables on his cartridge, until i accepted the challenge and put Koopa on top on each track, and on the first ghost(?) track, all laptimes in less than half a second.
Took him a while to kick my ass, and i think he got pretty good at using bowser or donkey in the process.

Last but not least:
Suffering through tri-Ace games until i’ve finished them, without feeling like it is work?
At least that’s what friends say who have finished at least one of the Soulsbournes, whereas i couldn’t muster up the energy to go far in any of them, despite owning Dorks1/2/BB, and even bought Sekiro. So, hearing them say that it is exceptional to endure playing these games, feels a bit weird.


Pinwheel makes me think more of boss 3 than 4 (boss 3 was also the one I’d try to time out for a while before getting braver) but they are both rather circular. Granted if you don’t start boss 4 right it can become a hell of a pain and then a time out victory becomes much more reasonable.


Super Mario Kart
Mushroom Cup


i could beat the devil in self loathing


I might’ve replied some games in the past, but with Twitch speedrunning having created a community of semi-pros competing with each other in every minimally popular game and also making me aware that these experts exist, I no longer think I’m more than passable at any game in particular.

Like, I may still be able to 1cc Puzzle Bubble 2 but the devil would still win the tiebreaker on time


I could beat him at an any% run of Her Story


could you beat them at Kingdom of Loathing




i would beat the devil at having the most fun, neurochemically speaking, playing jet set radio future


i pretty much live and breathe N(++). a lot of that enjoyment is in being able to space out and not notice my failures though, so it would have to be more like a test of patience


Skullgirls, because the devil would hopefully pull a no show and I’d win by default. I nearly got paired against Justin Wong in the semifinals at a tournament because my first and second round opponents didn’t show.


ok people, pack it up and go home, no one’s ever going to make a post this good again


I…am home. But yeah ferrets good job that was GOAT.


Uhhh i can think of lots of games i’m pretty good at but nothing i’m like, exceptionally good at. i guess i could speedrun Dark Souls or FF5 decently