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Everyone talks about how sick they are of social media, but then they don’t make a personal web site where they can share their thoughts without any of the downsides of social media! Let’s make having a personal website cool again.

Mine right now is just a springboard towards projects that reside elsewhere on the Internet, but I would like to expand it with a knowledge base of stuff on various topics I’m passionate about instead of keeping all of that knowledge locked away in hours of my podcast.

I long for the good old days of the Internet, where most of the pages you visited were documents instead of applications. It’s never too late to experience making your own Web site, and low-tech simple websites are making a comeback anyway. Ride the wave! Share your home pages and ask for help if you need it!


I made one recently ( https://meauxdal.neocities.org/ ) to link to music that i am not necessarily ready to “release” but want to share


sb is my homiepage


clint.neocities.org is mine, but I haven’t updated it in a long time. It’s a twine story actually, but I think it works really well.

Also snes.zone.


this is amazing.

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Haven’t updated in a while but http://harmonyzone.org/

I hear zonelets are good for anyone who wants to set up a wordpress type blog using neocities, have been meaning to try if I ever having an actual, uh, idea for one.


I love hand-coding websites!

I recently made a retro website for Preserving Worlds that gives a lot of supporting info for the series and links out to useful educational resources and utilities for the games we featured: https://preservingworlds.net/

Also, here’s a website I made for my feature back when I was first learning HTML and CSS: https://sarasotamovie.com/


have been working on a personal site on and off since i first fucked around with jekyll, maybe ill finish it one day

i have a few sites but my main one is a wordpress for my game projects http://whatnot.bombdotcom.net/

I also put together a proper webcomic site for my series Friday Comix http://fridaycomix.webcomic.ws/

and finally a sort of landing page for all my various projects http://john.bombdotcom.net/

I wrote that last homepage in notepad. I miss writing websites from scratch, but the practicalities of things like Wordpress have taken me away from that

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Found this cool HTML/CSS tutorial recently that may be of help if you’re just getting started: https://tesserae.somnolescent.net