Hocus Pocus! Game development tools and assets

I was contemplating making a game development discord a while back but i don’t use discord, so instead i’m just going to make a thread to post tools and assets for making games.

This person does a lot of cool contemporary Japan tilesets, as well as a few fantasy sets. If you join their Patreon, you can get a few assets for free or at a discount. Most of their stuff has been updated to include RPG Maker VX Ace compatibility. Unfortunately, they’re primarily exteriors.
AnotherGod’s cool Zelda-ish tilesets with wicked autumn trees.
Fantasy interiors and exteriors with different color options. Not sure if they’re compatible with RPG Maker.
This will allow you to make images look pixelated and apply different old console/PC palettes as well as custom palettes. Kind of janky, though.
Some OK contemporary American-ish city tiles.
Cool, tiny fantasy town tiles.
Really nice SNES-era Squaresoft tileset, but kind of expensive.

More tiles/sprites by the person above. They’re all a bit expensive, though.

Love Quest-esque contemporary tiles.
Tiles for isometric fantasy games!
4-color contemporary interior set.
Horny pixels for horny people.
Love these 1-color sets.

Some Ninja Gaiden rip off sets.

This person does some decent contemporary horror tilesets and sprites.


horny pixels will always have most # of clicks

I haven’t actually started using it yet–gonna sit down this weekend and Do Some Shit, I hope–but even the free version of TileSetter looks like it might be a lifesaver: https://tilesetter.org/

'Cause creating subtle variations on my environment tiles to look good has legit caused me to walk away from projects or leave 'em looking ugly.


Yooo. Let me know how this works out for you. I bought this a while ago and I bounced off. I also bounced off aseprite and Unity many times, but now I use them both for hours everyday, sooo

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this is really expensive but seems really rad

With CityGen3D you can have terrain, roads and buildings all generated for you based on real world data from OpenStreetMap!
Select your location from anywhere in the world and let CityGen3D do all the work without any coding required, all from within the Unity Editor.

It’s that fitting algorithm that assigns building prefabs to map data, like the new Microsoft Flight Sim is using. Interesting to see that filter down to small implementations like this, I hope that means we’re nearly on the cusp of it being as simple and universal as procedural tree sims.