Hinge Problems


Chris getting owned.


Well shit, this is what happens when I stop paying attention to things.


I wrote a big list of potentially every game I am interested in between July and the end of the Year. It turned out to be way longer than i was expecting.


New Episode Yay! Tokyo Game Show!


Our Pre-Bumpass show is out and you can listen to the Bumpass Show on Friday.


Duh, is the RSS feed feeding itunes out of wack? The latest episode that shows up there is from 2017, I think.


Yeah, that seems to be off. I can try to troubleshoot it when I get home, or resubmit it to iTunes, because we definitely have several episodes this year.


So is this the right price Booji?


If you, for some reason, want to learn more about the evolution of Xbox’s startup sound design over the years, there was an excellent episode of Twenty Thousand Hertz about this a few weeks back:


100% the exact right price, yes.




featuring: @ArOne @Mikey @nocode @OneSecondBefore @Tulpa @AutomaticTiger


I saw that, so good job libsyn, whatever. Hey it’s all online!

Also, @vincenttoups, I checked on iTunes, and it is saying it is syncing up fine, so I am not sure where the problem is. Can any other iTunes user check this out and see if it is listing these most recet episodes there?


yeah, they’re all up there in Podcasts


Yeah that’s right I can open up Photoshop Elements and hastily construct a Youtube thumbnail.


The name xi is pronounced サイ because the name comes from サイコロ (dice)


Been meaning to ask: I am subbed to two different feeds and idk which one is the correct one if there is one at all? I use pocket casts on android in case it matters


Oh now the left one only has the 6 latest eps which I don’t think was the case before? Idk


Must be how pocket casts is pulling from libsyn, but I would guess the one on the right is the better one?


Pick cooler picture


A new episode!! I am proud of our dumb friend project.