Hinge Problems


@boojiboy7 and I do a podcast/website about video games. We frequently mention stuff from Select Button on the podcast. Consider it a spin off.

I’ve got two podcasts I need to finish editting where we discuss The Edge Top 100 games list. And I have an iphone rambling game-based travel log of my recent Japan Trip.

Shoot The Hinges!


Always fun to listen.

However! I feel that you’re complaining about all the elements that ultimately makes the EDGEGOAT list something interesting instead of something with FF7 and OoT at the top:

  • The list only focuses on what’s great to play now without any regards for cultural relevance
  • X Very Important game isn’t there, Y Very Important genre isn’t represented enough


I guess the problem is that what they selected in place of X and Y weren’t actually interesting choices at all. I’m all for FF7 and OoT not being at the top, but Super Mario Galaxy 2 being up near there doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in their choices either.

Like I know people are/will be excited about the Dark Souls pick at the top, but given the amount of love those games have gotten, it’s not like that choice is particularly controversial/interesting/difficult either.


Always have a good time listening to you two talk about games. Looking forward to part 2.


I finally got the other half of the edge debate uploaded!

And there is going to be a second episode this week even!

And a thing Ive been sitting on is going out monday.

Does anyone want more me talking into my iphone japan travel logs?


I have been super lazy with editing but we are recording and still releasing these. There are two more in line that should be coming out next week and then the next.

I thinkkkk we are at 30 episodes now. Or 30 main ones. That is the number scheme I’m going with. We have enough that it makes sense to start numbering them. Enjoy our another video game podcast everyone. Subscribe. We are going to keep making them because no one has asked us to stop.


I just wrote a huge list of I think every game I am excited about for the rest of the year (or at least every game with evidence to remember.)


A new episode came out today and I was nodding in agreement throughout the whole thing at work.

Re: Book Off, the first year I went to Japan I stayed somewhere between Kanda and Akihabara Station. Akiba Book-Off is fine but given how much tourist traffic there is, it tends to get mined for the good stuff pretty quickly, so I thought I’d venture out into less obvious areas. I looked up the other Book Offs in the area, and found about four I could go to by walking. I hit up two and ended up getting very lost along the way to the third, winding up somewhere around the (at the time unfinished) Tokyo Sky Tree. It started raining right around the time I finally found the third Book Off, and at that point I had gotten so exhausted from wandering all over that I said fuck it and tried to find the nearest train station. Upon getting off the train, I realize it turned into a fucking downpour. A little later once I’m drying up, I look at Twitter and all the Japanese people I was following were saying the same word I didn’t know.

I look it up and of course, it’s “typhoon”.

So I guess I was the dumbass foreigner running around from Book Off to Book Off at the start of a typhoon. It’s hard for me to dissociate Book Off from that experience. I wound up seeing a bunch of really neat looking areas of Tokyo this way, but I have no idea how to get back to them anymore.


traipsing around looking for new bookoffs on empty weekends is both my curse and curative


Oh hey, Rudie done edited some episodes and put them up for online listens.
13 minutes in Japan and Live from an Airport were both recorded a few months ago, so don’t expect timely, but whatever.


Magicians Dead is the name of the game with the unreadable joke of a logo

There was something else I wanted to say but I forgot what, I guess I’ll see it in my notes on the work computer tomorrow


I do love how unbelievably tired and out of my mind I am at the end of Live From An Airport.

I have not checked what the audio experience on headphones is. I am sure it wasn’t great.


Ah yes, the other thing I wanted to bring up was about arcade closures. There’s this Twitter account at iidx_close which documents all of the arcade closures for places with IIDX machines, and two years ago as many arcades closed down as there are total amounts of Round1 locations in Japan. Most of the ones that shut down are independently owned, whereas the bigger players tend to be either affiliated with game companies (Taito, Sega, Namco, Capcom), pachinko parlours (PIA, Saint-Tropez, etc…), or are just much larger entertainment centres like R1 that can also offer more profitable things like bowling/karaoke/whatever that pad the pocketbooks and subsidize the survival of their arcades.


I decided I should probably put a more permanent than twitter at least visual record of the various Video Game Things I do here in Japan.

So First Episode 42 Aerosmith Fancast

January Japan Game Pictures
February Japan Game Pictures


Ahhh they got more of the Yakuza pins. Dammit. Still gotta catch em all.


it’s hinge problems Christmas




Important followup to episode 37:


This is the episode I will recommend to people.


Nintendo has sponsored every Evo since that year they tried to get the streams killed, and numerous grassroots tournaments as well, so while they don’t have their own tour, they are technically monetarily supporting the scene.