Has it been that long already? AGDQ2019!


Lord this game is trash


imagine brainscan except the game eddie furlong plays is virtual hydlide


shoutout to my favorite video game quote possibly of all time, there



the implications of virtual hydlide, urban yeti, and trio the punch being the most viewed thing on twitch (even though at like 2 am) are exciting


Ninja Five-O is the shit so hopefully this is a fun run.

Last night I was getting excited for the Mega Man X relay then they dropped in an Octopath Traveler run as a donation incentive. It’s like I’m being trolled.


Huh, I’ve never watched these Mario Sunshine versus races before. This is kind of a fascinating setup they’ve got here.


These FF9 runners gave some pretty convincing reasons not to run FF9 in a marathon or possibly ever.


Oops, somehow posted this in the wrong thread. Here it is transplanted to the correct one:

I got on to see if this was still happening and someone had just started an FF IX run ughhh.

Looks like the VODs are immediately saved though.

Oh, yeah, they’re doing a bingo race. Those are actually pretty cool and require some on-the-fly routing and creativity from the runners. They’re really neat. I think OoT runners were the first to do that bingo format and it looks like its caught on for other games too.

They probably could have, like, made the bingo board a little smaller though, lol. I don’t know why it needs to take up so much screen real estate.


So the next one’s gonna be here in Orlando eh? If anyone wants to roll through we could find some runs and events to hype with. I’ll almost definitely be going.


Best Castlevania https://youtu.be/Fx5mFM_b9kk


The music in Urban Yeti’s Toobin’ level is the best piece of lyric-less music comedy ever.


I clearly do not talk about Urban Yeti enough considering how this was many person’s first exposure.


for those who have finished the game, agdq2019 has a nier speedrun that shows off some good skips, though unfortunately isn’t blessed with great commentary, which makes it hard to watch consciously.

best run i’ve seen so far might have been:
either Actraiser2/PJ, since i didn’t know that a second game existed,
or the monster world 4 run, though that’s mainly due to the awesome sprite work of the game.
will check out the sonic block next!


I watched Urban Yeti, Virtual Hydlide, Phantom Menace and Sanic Ball. They were all pretty nice. I somehow expected more from the Sanic Ball run because so many people hyped it up as one of the best runs but I didn’t see it that way…

Virtual Hydlide gave me motion sickness during the volcano segment. The runner warned everyone but I thought I can’t easily get motion sick. Boy, that game sure did the trick though!

I will slowly filter through this thread for more recommendations and probably watch this year’s runs for another month


I’m glad I learned about Mohawk & Headphone Jack to finally answer my longstanding question about why most SNES games were so tentative in their use of Mode 7


‘Sonic Killer’ right here, boys and girls

hall of famer Grotesque Game


why do people keep yelling ORB


It’s (apparently) an SMW speedrunning meme that broke containment from that game.


It ain’t GDQ unless the audience gets fixated on one thing and runs it into the ground.

As for something positive, I gotta say, that Sonic the Hedgehog run was great.


can someone list some of the good runs this year, this is the first year I skipped entirely