Has it been that long already? AGDQ2019!


The schedule
The stream

Vectorman and Megaman (DOS) are worthy (“worthy”) first-time entries, but surely everyone else knows better than I what’s actually going to be good.


oh shiiiiit


I super binged this last year or two years ago, can’t remember… I watched way too much of it. Hope I’ll have a healthier approach this year!

Yes, I need recommendations itt


Hey, is it upon us already again?

After looking at the schedule, going to try to catch the following runs:
Majoras Mask
SotC (even though it is still a boss rush only…)
Star Wars Ep 1:Phantom Menace

rest of runs i will watch either on recommendation or when catching some by accident.


Last GDQ I found that the most entertaining runs were of things I had never heard of. There was some kind of stilt-walking game that was hilarious, and there was some bizarre fanmade Noid sequel that just got weirder as the run went on

Also TASbot


How could you hate a level with a light house?


Can they just ban 3+ hour jrpg speedruns, they’re the biggest wastes of time and they always schedule them during the day instead of the middle of the night where they belong


i’m planning on hosting the entirety of the marathon on my channel, come hang out if you want a non-toxic chat



That’s a good idea


I find some of them interesting to watch but generally, not the ones being showcased at GDQs, and RPG Limit Break already exists to accommodate them so I don’t know why they pollute this event with them in primetime


It’s a tradition to have at least one or two of them in a GDQ. Much like there’s a megaman block, a mario block, or an awful block.

They’re lower energy and good for a break.


I agree with Tulpa that that makes them perfect for a wee hours stream, though, when the audience is getting loopy.


I hate the interviews so much. All audience cam and game music, please.


Primetime always gets 9 hour Kingdom Hearts (Glitchless) snoozefests while the weird obscure platformers get dropped in at 4 in the morning, it’s such a bummer.


this is exactly what I’m talking about, I have no idea who is scheduling these things but they are awful at it


superior entertainment


sweet lord this audio though


It’s such a fucking bummer. I work nights, so I’ve managed to catch some really cool runs that are far more deserving than the same old Kingdom Hearts runs.

Last GDQ there was a really good run of Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa, a game I’d never heard of but was a lot of fun to watch! But yeah, at like 3 AM. Ah well.


it’s already incredibly hard for me to watch AGDQ while it’s airing, anyway (because of my job), but the fact that they also air really boring stuff during prime time (generally) means i usually just end up watching archives. i imagine they show things that most people want to see, though, right? at this point, they’re slaves to their format and inside jokes.

also, yeah, the less interviews, the better.


Hmm you’d think in a speed running marathon for medical charity, where the runners are sometimes personally affected themselves, nerds donating in would have sense enough not to donate as someone’s parent as a joke.

Anyway, this dude playing Castlevania 2 handled some “lol son grow up and stop playing games” donation with “my dad passed recently” about as well as he could.