Has it been that long already? AGDQ2019!




it would more tasteful for donation shoutouts to appear on screen on a little overlay or something this event is so awkward


I stopped watching, but apparently the guy reading donations (and I guess one of the heads of GDQ?) read another fake family joke donation shortly after that incredibly awkward one.

I guess it wouldn’t be GDQ without an utter lack of self-awareness.


Been asked by a friend to prep extra drinkage for both Resident Evil 2 and Silent Hill 2 tonight. Got a lot on my plate already this week, and don’t usually speedrun binge but will probably watch most of those.


i will mod anyone from SB who asks btw, i’m not in the channel but i want folks to have the power to timeout/ban randos who are being shitty


How often/many randos do you get in the discord?

edit: oh you mean your twitch channel, my threads are crossed here



edit: That was easily the best run I’ve ever seen in my life, everything after this is irrelevant


Real good Sonic 1 run happening now


What little I’ve seen of this has inspired me to improve my posture.


I joined your channel for the Splatoon 2 Octoling run last night, but I had chat minimized and forgot to see who all was there.



Which one are you talking about? The sonic mania one?


mania was great, but that post was about the Sanic Ball run


Nice. Thanks, I’ll watch that


hmmm so i just tuned in the live stream to watch a bit what’s on while i’m eating, timesplitters2 is on, and for whatever reasons, there were 0 out of 2 runners for a while, and a couch that didn’t know what was going on… well, both returned after a minute or so?

guess this was the 2019 drama run then, huh.


halo reach coop legendary on now~!

i donated, let’s see if they read it


marcus lehto donated $500! v cool


hoo boy, just noticed DOS Mega Man coming up.

Man, what masochist signed up to run that


I watched the last third of the MM Unlimited run and was wondering whether that’s a real™ game or a fanmade one, and before i duckduck the answer, the enemy design and names are too good to be true, i go w/ “fake”/fanmade.

Skill of runner is mind crushing for someone that barely made it through MM2 (NES/GB).
still have to catch up with the Nier Automata-Run!