What are some games that take place in Hell, or hellish places? It doesn’t have to be Christian Hell, but that’s the one I know best.

  • Dark Lord: The Duel seems pretty hellish based on that trailer @Mikey posted
  • Doom series
  • Devil May Cry series
  • Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
  • Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller
  • Majyuuo / King of Demons
  • Demonophobia (shocking H-game cinematic sidescroller, not safe for anyone)
  • Vampire Savior
  • Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts / Makaimura series
  • Megami Tensei series I’d imagine, but I never played one

If it’s some kind of thing like, I don’t know, it turns out Snake was in purgatory the whole time, you might as well spoiler it.


Dawn of Ssorrows actually development of the Abyss into something more thematically appropriate than the copy-paste-recolor Aria depiction was nice, but in retrospect, the faded repetition and nonsensical layout of the GBA game was more genuinely nightmarish

the depiction of “hell” in the Megaten series is sporadic and curious and inconsistent:
http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Expanse (spoiler minefield)

Notably, it’s where the entirety of the original Megami Tensei and SMT if… take place, and appears as a significant mutli-section overworld area in SMT II, as well as the setting of one of the latter chapters in Majin Tensei II. You visit it to lesser degrees in other titles, and it’s weirdly interpreted in the spin-offs. It has a (deliberately) unclear relation to other mysterious demonic places such as the Diamond Realm and the Labyrinth of Amala.

the ios smt1 translation uses ‘the expanse’ instead of ‘the diamond realm’ which kinda fits in with my initial impression that all of those smt places are the same thing

Devil Daggers
Don’t look back
Both of these are really cool

Half of (drunk edit) super columbine massacre RPG takes place in hell, right after the school shooting. Yes.
Barkley shut up and jam gaiden has hell as a secret area full of jokes and I understood exactly none of the jokes

Earthworm Jim.

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Given the title of the thread I must mention Dante’s Inferno - the video game.

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dungeon crawl: stone soup
binding of isaac
hoplite (iirc)

there might be a trend here

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I like this game:

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  • All of the Diablos
  • Solium Infernum - A 4x game I’ve never played but always been intrigued by
  • Bayonetta 2

annoyed that with the list thread format I probably shouldn’t go on one of my trademark developer-perspective diatribes on the contexts of the hells in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

the confusing realm of modern touhou afterlife cosmology… hues very close to but doesn’t really directly feature any hellscapes, and uses the Buddhist narakas as cyclical temporary reincarnation locales anyway. still, probably worth comparing?

  • Perfect Cherry Blossom has a Netherworld purgatory
  • Phantasmagoria of Flower View has some Styx/Sanzu river of judgement directly to the realm of the judges of the dead
  • Subterrean Animism has an exiles-filled underground “Former Capital of Hell” followed by a re-activated “Remains of Blazing Hell” (a shift due to overcrowding, you see (???))
  • Unidentified Fantastic Object visits that elusive Makai as the folkloric home of youkai used as sealed demon realm?

the PC-98 Highly Responsive to Prayers and Mystic Square also spend some time off in these hells, for whatever incidental theme-application and abstract those games had. meanwhile, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody has some formless realm of unperception and Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom finds some cross-China/Japan Shinto/etc pantheon on a hidden moon, for some companion heavens thread.


Requiem: Avenging Angel

i’d be interested in reading this.

proposing alternate thread title: :gotohell:

Disgaea is set in “The Netherworld” which is kind of maybe hell.

It is done.

I guess Minecraft and the Painkiller games.

Do this!


I bought this because someone on SB hyped it up and then we kind of never wound up playing. I wonder if I can still activate that game if I find the installer.

Demon’s Crest.
Oboro Muramasa has a level making you jump into a well to hell.
Litil Devil