Golden Light ~ 🌹


I hadn’t heard of this game until vincenttoups posted a video of it, and that video was enough to convince me to buy it even though I never really play “roguelike” games (other than Roguelight).

There’s horror and comedy, but mostly just surrealism. I feel like it’s sometimes on the verge of “look how random” but it’s strange and consistent enough that it never crosses that line in a bad way. Perhaps best of all, it really has its own world with no obvious references to other things.

That said, I’m pretty sure the creator has played Silent Hill and LSD. Speaking of the game’s creator,

Edit: I never would have opened that video in a million years had I seen that preview image.

It’s probably best to play the game blind at first, but here is a guide with a few tips:

I haven’t figured out exactly what you keep between runs, but you do get to continue on whatever floor you were last on rather than starting over each time. That said, the overworld has more than one entrance and I’m not yet sure how those floors link together, if they do at all.

The game is “Early Access” but it seems pretty complete to me. Every time I open it I have to linger on the title screen for a minute. I like the ambience of it.


I’ve been enjoying this too! It’s actually kind of too scary for me to get very far in lol! But I love it. Definitely is just completely its own thing, despite its obvious influences. I haven’t played anything remotely like it.


i like the way the graphics look and the weird way you seem to hold things but also i don’t really want to run in fear from gross freak stuff in claustrophobic hallways but what about resident evil you say and this time you have a point



There is always some kind of crazy text on the screen.


I had wondered what exactly triggers the start of a level when you are waiting in one of the “staging” rooms. In pressing random keys I discovered that the Home key brings up a sort of debug menu that I can’t seem to do anything with but that shows what’s happening behind the scenes while you wait.

Also, I’ve made no progress the past 3-4 times I’ve played this game. Whether I try sneaking around or fighting everything, I always get killed before I find all the keys on floor -2.

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Are the levels procedurally generated? I assumed the wait times were for reticulating splines or something.

Yes, here’s an example: