Gognio Dungeon (Soon)


Here’s a fact from 2018’s future to get you through the year: No matter what, Gognio Dungeon is going to be a videogame where you can have a good time and forget about life’s stresses and problems.

Somes games have menus: Gognio Dungeon is gonna have more menus than any game I can think of ever playing that had this many menus. Here’s a break down of what some of these could probably mean if we implement them:


that’s where you can find all of your items and shit. Gotta find a place in every game where you can drag things from one side of the screen only in Gognio Dungeon you do it with a single button press. The Mouse is the way of the past and pressing keys is the way of the future.


We don’t believe videogames can teach you anything or make you a good person. But we DO believe Gognio Dungeon will teach you all of the stats about Buffbod and Wiz Biz as you play the game. If there was a menu where you could find all of this stuff that existed outside of debug mode: this is what it would be called.


Our programmer put this in so we have no idea if it is just a placeholder or not: but you can bet if there are Gems in Gognio Dungeon that this is where you’d find them! Maybe they can make your life harder or easier. Monetary value in real life just makes things more difficult. Never take a shower.


Look at this! We heard one time that some RPG (Roguelike Playing Games) let you press “t” to “talk” or “l” to “look” at an enemy. well in Gognio Dungeon you can pull up your menue and press “L” to “Look” at an enemy, and then maybe everything you see will be recorded here. Maybe you’ll get a glamor shot of your favorite badguy. We can’t promise you anything.


Every videogame has a metagame, and our metagame is learning to not die. Remember: everything you do in Gognio Dungeon lasts forever. there is no going back. just like in real life. That’s why you always gotta be able to plan accordingly. The shopping list of ingame tactics is located here.


B͛̓͐͐ͯǪ̹̤͔̤͒̀͊ͭN̢͔̳̪͙̯̐̏͒ͦͯU͔̙ͧ̉̽̒ͪ̾ͩŞ̫̬͋ͪͣ ̣͗̒̎̍̀ͧS̠̩͆̉Oͩ̊ͣ̄̇ͪ҉̣̻N͔̠̙̏ͩG̸̪̞̦̖͔͑̇ͅ:̷̙̞̖̤̰̆ͬͤ͆̄ͦ ͈͂̾̈A̢̓C̭̜̣͐ͤ́C̶͖̹͍̲͎̓ͤ̍̀ͭ̃̚Ḛ̲̣͍̋ͫ͂ͬ̏̓ͮS̐ͯ̇͛S̮ͧ ͈̆͜D̜̪̎̈́E̬̼̖̫͘N̲̩̍͠Ì̵̝̩̪̩̇͆ͩ̿E͇̫̦̎ͦD̙͉̐̇̊̀ͫ̉

Sorry! That’s all I can tell you right now. This thread will continue to be updated by either me or my associates. 100% gognio news, same gognio time, same gognio channel.


Programmer Chan and I continue to work on G, woth additional media consultafion provided by Armorman themself, wanting us to get his story portrayed accurately and buffly.

P and I have started working on combat and math stuff, there’s really no screenshots yet of that but I’ll have something later today to kind of show,off what we mean.



G Update with graphical stuff. We decided a clear direction for GUI stuff is that the player should have an idea what most pieces of equipment are (at least in terms of type) before they pick them up. Ironically, Mystery of G is in little mystery for player. Look at the truth…

Big Boy Armorman in G uses weapons in a ton of different types. They’re called things like BLADE, STICK and CLEAVE and they all do different types of damage.

In dungeon of G, because Final Fantasy II is the best final fantasy, your stats grow depending on equipment you use. Tons of items are found early, with more powerful drops happening at times when less weapons in game. Looking in your later years for the best axe you can find…


gognio dungeon: the dream of videogames


-The player can now die.
-Emotional involvement created


Your aesthetic is good