Gognio Dungeon (Soon)


Who’s doing the music for this


so far, clint and i


Here’s a song that we worked on together

hope you don’t mind me posting that



We have now embarked upon a righteous quest: Namely: How to set our RANDOM DUNGEON GENERATION apart from these other cronies and would-be’s that call themselves rogue-likes (whatever a rogue is!)

We have abandoned the pretext of open rooms and instead took towards the heavens: namely: hand drawing out every map in crayon and then breaking it down to its base elements so we might see what the best parts of dungeon generation are.

I do not have pictogram for this. I am sorry. I apologize. Please! Do! Not! Hold! It! Against! Me!

We are looking at how to establish a more “CLASUTROPHOBIC” mood than other vid-cons that we have looked at. We don’t like you! I am sorry, but the things you have made are trash and I will not play them. We have seen your open, boxy rooms and long hallways that occasionally turn into long L shaped hallways and cried foul. This is not how a dungeon should be generated. Have you ever asked your own dungeon how it feels about the way you make it look? We have.

This is a picture of how your dungeon feels when it is confronted with its own reflection. It will never have CURVES or BOOKCASES or PILLARS. It is a series of randomly generated boxy rooms with no feelings. This is WRONG to everyone involved. This is dungeon abuse and I wont stand for it.

We have decided to recreate the Biggu-G Tabletop Mega. In doing so we will promise dungeons that are maybe handcrafted by us, maybe by a despicable shadow from beyond Finland. I cannot tell you. It is a developer secret.


here is a hurdle we have been wanting to pass: saving and loading with our room editor in real time, while the game is running. building a maze around ourselves, capable of keeping our loved ones away.

continuously finding glitches while doing so. all glitches are gods special children and we like them and document all of them.
Taro Yoko has thoughts about game design and so do we, even though we love that man and his giant moon face. maybe taro yoko is kenji eno reincarnated but as a better guy.

kenji eno got skinny near the end of his life, but our good friend “HOBO” helped me understand the truth in my heart is that the best kenji eno was the fat kenji eno.

please tell us what the game developers of your heart are. here are some images i whipped up to describe how we are developing this game:

our development is not “stalled” at 30%, rather, maybe the constant suffering of all people on this planet prevent me from changing it. be nice to someone today, because you never have to be nice in the gognio dungeon. it’s a place of violence.

Each weapon in Gognio Dungeon handles differently and that is our “next” goal. How do we take the swinging of a sword from boyhood fantasies and desk-drawings to real, hardcore, 14 color reality.
We want combat to be tile based put still have the real feeling of pushing and pulling. Would you take me at my word, if I told you, that movement was a Big Deal in this vid-con? It’s a feeling we want to nail down superbly.


I don’t have any new screenshots for gognio but i do have a tool to make any image look like it’s in gognio


Showing off some special rooms in the new dungeon generator.




@HOBO and @Drem helped me through the trying process of drawing text on a screen. I should stream more often


Guys I’m really good at being the wind beneath your wings. Call me up if you ever want to grind or talk about how you can make a good video game, like Gognio Dungeon.


Nothing can ultimately help you escape from the punishing crisis of life. Nothing can help you reconcile all of the awful things you have to do just to carry on simple relationships.

You can drink FAYGO ™ Soda Beverage in the halls of Gognio Dungeon, though.


We decided “what can a player do in a vidcon that we like?” was a question we needed to ask ourselves, repeatedly, over and over again.

We asked ourselves this, and we welcomed a new programmer to the team, who is a (pumpkin) who will be taking over duties from our good ol pal Virtual Clint

What can you do in the dungeon? Well, you can trade your “hard” earned “EXP” for things that will carry over to your next life. That’s right…we don’t think the player should be rewarded for dying. If you bite it…well, fuck you! You’re a piece of shit and maybe you shouldn’t be playing videogames. That gal up there is “MAYA” and she will humiliate you for your EXP too, if that’s what you think is kinky.


All we’ve ever known for sure is that every vidcon we’ve ever played fully benefited 100% from including as many gargoyles as possible. In GOGNIO’S GARGOYLE this dream will finally come true.

Gargoyles in the menu. Gargoyles on the field. Gargoyles you can date* and Gargoyles you can romance…that’s right.

*you can fall in love in the dungeon…but not with a gargoyle. gargoyles are NOT people

Maybe we’ve decided that all of the menus in Gognio Dungeon should have their own interactive garg. I’ll get pictures of all of these Garg Boys soon, I promise.




Every time my brain attempts to create any cohesive world narrative or worldbuilding I sabotage myself deliberately and include another reference to obscure Japanese cinema


You’re building a world…
in my heart…


please thank the lovely people that work with me:

@VirtualClint with whom spent many weeks planning and developing “The Gognio” in the early stages and doing a lot of incredible work at every step and also @Pumpkinhead for coming right in this project and fitting in perfectly

stay tuned…next epsiode


IN GOGNIO DUNGEON: DUNGEON OF “G” anything can happen on an floor and there’s nothing you can do about it, and none of it means having a good time. like marriage, or raising a child.

A floor can spawn made out of monsters: that is a FEATURE and not a bug. I have been sworn to promise this by the programmers: sworn to promise you a good time I know I can’t deliver…

**LIFE CAN’T MAKE YOU HAPPY: that’s the Gognio Dungeon promise. **

BUT OUR GAME CAN: that’s the other Gognio Dungeon promise.

Every floor is a new challenge, like every door opened in life. Except when you open doors in Gognio Dungeon there are monsters on the other side of them: that’s why you should destroy doors as often as possible. There may or may not be a benefit to doing it but it might make you feel better to destroy something someone else made!

Nothing can be undone in life. I am sorry for who I hurt and you should be too. That’s what GOGNIO DUNGEON really is, like some kind of simulation…of the real.

(thanks @Pumpkinhead )